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There was a young boy who had stinky feet

and though he tried . . . and he tried . . . and he tried,

nothing he could do seemed to take away the shooooo.

The vapors were so bad, they made him cry.


So he ran . . . and he ran . . . everywhere that he went,

thinking maybe he could leave the stink behind.

But the odor ran right with him . . . and his feet just kept on stinkin’;

all his neighbors held their noses as he sped by.


So he covered up his feet with twenty pairs of thick white socks,

then he pulled on steel-toed, leather army boots.

He thought that that would do, and the stink would not come through,

but in a moment, the stink rose up.  Shooey, shooooo, shooooo!


So he ran to the beach and he buried his feet

two feet deep in the ocean’s white sand.

Then he sat and he waited, and the stink finally abated,

but surprisingly this news just made him sad.


For although the stink was hidden, this was how he’d now be livin’,

forever with his feet stuck in the sand.

All alone and very blue, he almost longed for stink and shooooo

to a lonely life lived squatting in the sand.


But fortunately that day, some friends he knew passed by his way,

friends who also once had very stinky feet,

but now they were in the know, and said “we’ll tell you where to go –

to the Foot Washer.  He’ll make your feet smell sweet!”


So they pulled him out of the sand, holding their noses with their hands

and they dragged him off to the man he had to meet.

When they reached the Foot Washer, He poured a bowl of fresh water,

and knelt down to wash the young boy’s filthy feet.


The water was refreshing as He cleaned and washed each toe,

and as He did, He told the stink that it now had to go,

and go it did, as perfumed fragrance filled the air so sweet;

the little boy was so amazed this scent came from his feet!


The Foot Washer looked up at him and smiled so lovingly,

then said “remember I’m always here to clean and wash your feet.

If down the road they once again get stinky, little friend,

come back to me and I will gladly make them clean again.”




There was a young boy who had no joy;

he scowled and he pouted and he frowned.

So he stood on his head to seem happy instead

since his frown was a smile ~ upside down.


He walked on his hands everywhere that he went

and when friends would come over to visit,

they didn’t enjoy it . . . since they were expected

to join him in being inverted . . .


for when they stood straight, they looked not at his face

but gazed at his feet and his toes,

so it wasn’t too long before his friends said “so long””

and upside down he stood scowling alone.


One of his friends, though, took pity on him,

discerning the cause of his plight

was the need for a Presence to remove all his sadness

so, through prayer, his friend sent an invite . . .


to the Joy-Giver . . . “Please come! Change the life of my friend!””

He knew when the Joy Giver came,

peace and joy would be his ~ gifts the Joy Giver gives

and his friend would be happy again.


At the end of his prayer, the Joy-Giver was there

with the upside-down, growly-faced boy.

Right-side-up he then flipped  . . . with a happy, HUGE grin!

He was filled overflowing with joy!


Psalm 16:11

You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.



–Cheri Henderson,



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  1. Posted November 12, 2010 at 9:47 pm | Permalink

    Cheri – These are really cute. They could each become a Christian Child Book with the right illustrations.

    The first, of course, would have a picture of Jesus washing the little boy’s feet.

    And the second…such an impression on little minds.

    I am a poet and artist not published. I might put something up here. Because I wanted to comment on your video, I signed up.

    Encouragement: You are reaching people for the Lord.

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