He makes the delicate inner parts,

a tiny creation He forms.

Knitting it together in woman’s womb –

a child God intends to be born.

Present in utter seclusion,

He presides as the child quickly grows.

The color of its eyes, each day of its life

are things the Lord already knows.

He said, “Whoever welcomes a child,

welcomes and cares for Me.

Don’t prevent them, let them come –

let the children come to Me.”

So welcome this child with joyfulness;

raise it up in the way it should go.

Keep in mind this little one

is on loan from God –

a precious treasure

that belongs to the Lord.






Wife, pay attention to your husband

and continually keep him covered in your prayers;

watch always that the Lord remains his passion

above all his earthly interests and affairs.

And if you see his passion begins waning,

hit your knees, fast and pray and intercede

because if the Lord decides he needs a spanking,

more than likely you will also feel the sting!






I know we each work out our own salvation,

and when we face the Lord, we face Him on our own,

but I’m sure one reason for my own creation

is to help you.  You don’t have to walk alone.


You are so very dear to me.  I love you.

And someday before the throne when you bow down,

I just want the Lord to also say those precious words to you:

“Well done!” and know you’ve earned a glorious crown!


So how can I help you?  Let me help you.

I don’t want to say or do a single thing

that would cause you, friend, to stumble

or to ever fall away.

I want His best for you.  And all your best for Him.


So I’ll encourage you, I’ll pray for you,

I’ll always lift you up,

be patient, kind, long suffering;

share my faith, my hope, my love.


I just want the Lord to say to you,

“Well done!  Well done!  Well done!”

Then side-by-side we’ll worship Him

in the place He’s prepared for us!






More fragrant

than a hundred bouquets of flowers . . .


than all the candies in the world

is the transparent,

gentle heart

of a husband

when he gives

his wife

a tender,








Young love,     

a proposal,

a ring,

the promise of marriage


but what kind of a marriage

will it turn out to be?

Will it last from “I do”

until eternity?

Will the love be devoted,

the commitment undefiled?

The success of a marriage

isn’t birthed by diamond size.

Yes, the ring can be beautiful

and very exciting,

but the true measure of love

isn’t the size of the diamond.

It’s your commitment shared together

in your love for Jesus Christ

that will bless and bind you forever;

it’s the recognition deep inside

that it’s not about earthly treasure,

but it’s about living completely for Christ;


it’s understanding youare the jewel for which He died,

and He is your Pearl of Great Price.





Manifesting the sweet love of Jesus.

Obedient to the Lord totally.

Thankful at every occasion.

Holy, because holy is He.

Ever-blooming, her life is so fragrant;

Rich with the aroma of Christ.

I praise God for you, my Mother!

Your example helped save my life!






The Lord has birthed a body of believers,

God-chasers, one and all, we seek His face.

At the helm, our pastor leads us in this passion;

we lock arms, with one heartbeat, to run the race.


Not constrained by man’s opinion, Pastor hears the voice of God,

and is careful not to quench the Holy Spirit.

If the body wants to dance, if the body wants to shout,

he joins in because he knows that God is in it.


The freedom of the Lord is such a blessing in this place

and we’re thankful that our God is in control.

Awesome works will be accomplished in this simple, little church,

and the glory will be God’s – and God’s alone!


So we pray the Lord’s great blessings be upon our pastor’s head!

Let the fire in him grow to an inferno

that explodes within this body and then burns throughout this town!

Holy Spirit, fan the fire in his bones!


Gird him up, gird him up, Lord!  Gird up Pastor’s legs!

That he’d have a strong endurance to fully run this race!

And as he runs with power, let the speed of his great chase

catch every person in his path in a whirlwind of Your grace!


Hand-in-hand we run together as one body;

just ahead awaits that sweet, eternal prize.

And we praise God for the blessing He has given us –

through our pastor, our precious brother in Christ!





Ephesians 5


Wife, to your husband be as subject

as you are to Jesus Christ,

for even as Christ is the head of His church,

a husband is the head of his wife.


Husband, you are to love your wife

even as Christ loved the church.

Sanctified, holy, and blameless,

He gave Himself for her.


Obedient shall be the children

to their parents in Jesus Christ.

Honor your father and mother, my child,

for this is only right.


Father, arouse no anger in them,

but follow instead God’s word

to bring them up in the instruction

and admonition of the Lord.


And together be strong in the Lord,

in power and strength of His might!

At all times give thanks for everything

in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.






There is a precious part of me

that feeds into my soul,

and when it is well and joyful,

I am truly whole.

But when it becomes discouraged

or is weary or slightly weak,

it impairs and hurts me too,

for it is a part of me.

It’s like a kitchen table

that only has two legs,

or a car with half an engine –

immobile it remains.

Dishes slide across the table

and shatter on the floor,

and with only half an engine,

a car can go no more.

So, I stand, I pray, I intercede

that strength and joy and peace

would touch, infuse, restore and heal

this precious part of me.

For when it’s well and joyful,

I am truly whole,

and then it’s the best part of me.  

A blessing to my soul.

Two parts, a single unit,

that must operate in sync,

to be complete and spiritually effective,

and accomplish all the things

the Lord would put before us.  

The two shall become as one.

The other part of me is you ~

my partner and my husband.






The Lord knew I would need some assistance,

someone who would lovingly guide

my walk on the path to His Kingdom;

a friend who would stand by my side.

So He gave me an earthly companion,

a man who is fearless and bold,

filled with the Spirit of my Savior

to be priest over my household.

On those days when I’m doubting and anxious

and can’t hear what the Lord has to say,

He just speaks to my husband directly,

who then passes the message my way.

Or, when I become selfish and lazy,

ignoring what He’d have me to do,

the energy my husband expends for the Lord

quickly prods me to get on the move.

And, praise Jesus, if I am caught off-guard

when the father of lies does attack

that my husband steps forth with a double-edged sword

to drive the enemy back.

Hand-in-hand we walk together,

just ahead lies eternal life.

I praise God for the direction

He’s given me through my husband, my brother in Christ.






For better, for worse; it’s no matter;

for richer, for poorer, you are mine.

God chose us and joined us together

and blest be the tie that binds!

It’s not important the things we attain,

nor how much we achieve in this life.

Our happiness isn’t measured by earthly gain,

but our love for each other and Christ!

And when the enemy comes to attack us,

we’ll lock shields and together agree

that our threefold cord can’t be broken.

Through Jesus we will have victory!

I walk through this life totally complete

because I’m walking with you by my side,

and the sweetness of it all, the completeness of it all,

is Jesus – between us – for life!






He scrambles ‘cross the room with such abandon,

reaching up with glee to grasp his daddy’s hand;

his face glowing with the innocence of childhood

and the trusting love he has for this great man.


As his father drives away for work that morning,

the little boy at the window waves and grins.

Looking at his mother, he states assuredly,

“When I grow up, I want to be like him.”


The reflection of your life is so important,

especially when it comes to family.

Your children are impressionable and will surely imitate

those things in you that they so often see.


Will they see success and money have become your God?

Will they hear stern words and anger as you talk?

Will pornography litter the living room table

which they grasp as they learn how to walk?


Or will they see that you trust in the Lord

to supply every thing that you need?

Will they see Christian literature and the Word of God

are the books that you choose to read?


Will murder and hate echo from the TV

as they sit so engrossed on the floor?

Will they occasionally see you have over-imbibed

as you come staggering through the front door?


Or will love and joy echo throughout the room

with the sounds of your prayer and praise?

Will your children see a man of God walk through the door

when you come home at the end of the day?


Your reflection will some day be seen in your child.

Will you see in him heartache and strife,

or incredible joy and a sweet inner peace?

Will you see the reflection of Christ?


–Cheri Henderson,  



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  1. Angie
    Posted January 22, 2011 at 9:27 am | Permalink


    When I am down or weak in my faith, I know that I will find comfort in your poetry. You uplift me with your words. I love you and miss you.


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