To be sung to the melody: Joy to the World!










(A Different Version)


Joy to the world,

the Lord has come

and now

He lives

in us!

When others watch the way we live,

are peace and joy the things they see?

Is Jesus seen in us?

Have we told them of His love;

of His mercy,

and grace,

and of His wondrous love?


Or is it . . .


Joy to myself,

myself alone.

You’re sad.

Too bad.

Not me.

I found the Lord a while ago.

That suits me fine; I need no more.

You’re on your own, my friend;

I’ll just pray that you get saved

‘cause I’m not good

at talking

‘bout this kind of thing.


How will they know

if we don’t care?

Don’t speak,

don’t love,

don’t share?

He came into the world for you,

but came for your lost neighbors too.

At Christmas time and more,

let us live the Word of the Lord,

and go forth

with the Truth of Christ

to all the world.


Joy to the world;

He lives in you.

Sing forth

your song

of Truth!

We have the joy this sad world needs!

We have His hope, we have His peace!

And they can have it too

if we’d speak forth words of Truth:

“Unto you

Jesus has been born . . .

and died

for you!”


Cheri Henderson




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