I thought today I would be doing this,

but instead you have me doing that . . .

an unexpected assignment which just goes to prove

you are God and I am not.


A change of plans, yours instead of mine . . .

a God-orchestrated happening;

the day ended better than I could have planned

with the end result:  divine.






How can I begin to tell you . . .

just what you mean to me?

You came across my path a moment ago . . .

and now I’m overwhelmed with love and mercy!


This is so unnatural . . .

that I could feel such love for a stranger!

Could it be that the Lord is asking me . . .

to lead you to your Savior?


Excuse me, sir . . .

can I sit down here next to you?



Fight Heart Disease and Live Longer!

Today thousands of people across the country joined together as part of National Wear Red Day in an effort to draw attention to an important health matter… the need to fight heart disease and live longer and healthier lives as a result.  As I thought about this one particular day where people were rallied to wear red for a very worthy cause, it dawned on me that thousands of people across the world are also wearing red every day.  And this red is not just a symbol … it literally creates a brand new heart and eradicates death completely.  It’s the crimson blood of Jesus Christ!

Too many things to worry about
and my worrying accomplishes nothing, 

but you, Lord, know all the burdens of my heart

and you’re the only one who can actually do something

to help the ones who mean so much to me ~

there is nothing I can do to help them,

so I give them to you, Lord,

meet their needs ~ heal, deliver, restore them,

and thank you, Lord, for giving me your peace.




THOUGHT FOR THE DAY (Oct. 14, 2009)


We rely upon a lower-case “g” to provide all the things we need,

as we make the “government” our little “god” and bow at the altar of bureaucracy,

rather than recognize there’s a capital “G” ~ the Only True God and Provider . . .

but such recognition would require our submission . . .

and we’re much too stiff-necked to surrender.







Back to the place of just you and me ~

what a perfectly wonderful place to be,

in your presence and worshipping at your feet,

away from the voices that are so contrary

to my spiritual health and all that you are to me . . .


so when lost people speak their lost words to me

of anger, greed, pride, or perversity,

I will respond appropriately and pray silently,

but their sickness will have no affect on me ~

no longer frustrated, exhausted or weak,

I can walk in strength and power and peace . . .


because your arms of Truth

are lovingly wrapped around me.






In the darkest of dark a flame flickers

and the contrast of the black against white

makes the darkness around it seem darker,

but it does not diminish the light ~

instead the light is magnified by the darkness;

the tiny flame becomes a sole beacon in the night

and for those who are floundering in the darkness,

they can see they are no longer blind . . .


and though a single, tiny flame cannot eradicate

the total darkness that envelopes the night,

thousands upon thousands together

can elicit some powerful light

until the Son returns in the morning

and the glory of that Light in the east

dominates the earth with such brilliance

that the darkness will cease to be . . .


and surrendered to the Light,

all will kneel.






I sit in a bubbling caldron

of turmoil and angst all around me ~

a continuing saga of competing personalities

operating in dis-functionality . . .


heated conversations and back-stabbing,

hiss-filled whispers, snickers and gossiping,

sides taking sides, one-up-man-ship snide,

and spiteful “I will win” positioning,


but in the midst of it all, I’m protected ~

as, in my office, Christian music quietly plays,

with joy and great peace I’m unaffected,

as my heart sings forth worship and praise


to the One who insulates and protects me . . .

so filled with His presence, I stay

unaffected by the schemes of the enemy . . .


I’m having a glorious day.






When I started this stint, I was full of joy,

excited by the prospect before me;

assured I was placed here for a divine purpose

and blessed to be bringing Him glory.


But some time has gone by and I’m weary

and my joy doesn’t shine quite as bright;

my passion has somewhat diminished

as the darkness tries to swallow my light.


I keep tossing the salt and tossing the salt,

but it’s trampled and trampled again.

Placed on assignment, but not yet released,

I am slowly beginning to question


the reason I’m still here with no result.

Could it be I’m doing things wrong?

Or is this task approaching its conclusion

and before long, I’ll be moving on?


Until then, Lord, I pray for continued strength,

your discernment . . . joy . . . peace . . . and passion

for every soul you have placed on my path . . .

I will walk in your plan of action.


Only you know the outcome of this assignment

and it matters not if I see change at all.

It’s about you and me, Lord, and as you empower me,

I am able!  And I’m up to the call!






Riding down a mountain highway

at 12:00 at night,

when to the right

at the edge of the road

a deer is illuminated by the headlight,


leaning forward as if to run,

yet immobile, almost frozen in place

as if being held back

by an invisible force ~

divine protection on display.


A miracle just witnessed with human eyes

makes me wonder how often he intervenes

to save me from harm without my knowing it!

And as I consider it,

I’m overwhelmed by His mercy.


Oh, how my Father loves me!


Oh, how I desperately love Him!






When Jesus looked down at the crowd from the cross,

He looked into the future and saw me;

He died for the sins of the entire world,

but He also died just for me.


And today, as the eyes of the Lord roam the earth,

we’re not just a blur of humanity,

but rather He observes each and every one of us

individually . . .


He sees each face, inspects each heart

and is looking continually

to discover the hearts that are perfect toward Him,

surrendered to Jesus completely.


Surrender:  to give up, give in, totally submit

every word, every action, every plan,

every aspect of my life, fully yielded unto Him,

all my thoughts, desires ~ everything I am;


not difficult when I realize who He is and what He did,

though within myself I don’t have what it takes,

but He is able to keep me from falling into sin ~

and will always provide a way for my escape.


The question comes down to what’s important in my life ~

do I watch for . . .  really want that sure escape

or do I ignore it, shrug it off, because “I’m a sinner after all,

that’s why He died for me” . . .  and rely on grace . . .


as an excuse to sin . . .  not what a Savior, Redeemer, King

deserves from one who confesses her love for Him . . .

who’s been saved from eternal death through nothing that she did.

Do I love myself much more than I love Him???

Does this represent the heart of a true Christian?

It’s not a game, or a hobby,

or an off-and-on whim,

but a sold-out, submitted, life-long event

where the fruit is good and plenty

because I represent Him . . .

I want no part of sin . . .

it’s how I want to live . . .

because I am His child . . .

and I love Him.


So, today, Lord ~

I want to be overtaken by you . . .

consumed, absorbed,

enthralled by you . .  .

immersed, assimilated,

awestruck and fascinated,

completely and totally
besieged and captivated

by all You are . . .

and all I am

to You.


Overtake me, Lord,

as I surrender this day to you.






Corruption is a demon, sly and cunning,

with enticement painted on a pleasant face

as the one who’s bound by sin invites the innocent to come in

and “try it just this once . . . dabble and play”,

and as they do, the one in bondage watches

with glee because corruption is the goal,

and it won’t take too much longer before the innocent are no longer

and the corrupted one corrupts another soul . . .
sin-filled misery longs for company . . .
it falsely eases the guilt of the life they lead.



BUYER:  BEWARE (a parable)


Buyer:  beware of inferior products

that aren’t covered under warranty.

Truth in advertising is never the practice

of the one who sets out to deceive.

He will tell you whatever you want to hear

to sell you a bill of goods,

but eventually you’ll discover, much too late,

that you have been sorely duped.

Lack of knowledge is a very dangerous thing ~

people perish for lack of knowledge,

but if you’ve studied and know the Truth in advance,

you will know when the liar is talking . . .


and can resist him until he flees.      






I pray the Lord will pour out a financial windfall

that will let me finally enjoy a life of ease,

but if that’s not in His plan,

a wonderful windfall is still ahead

because eternal life with Jesus awaits me.


In the meantime the presence and power of the Holy Spirit

is a “wind fall” in my life of a different type

that empowers me to press on,

follow His direction and remain strong

because God has a perfect plan for my whole life.







I want to lie at your feet

and worship you,

soak in your presence

and adore you,

with no distractions or interruptions ~

where it’s only you and me . . .

Lord, I long to spend some time with you

but, alas, it cannot be . . .


because I’m surrounded by co-workers

and ringing phones,

a boss with high expectations

and I cannot go home

to that quiet, precious place

where you and I meet,

and as I close my eyes with longing,

there you are in front of me. . .

in the Spirit for just a moment,

we’re alone there, you and me . . .

a loving gaze . . . a brief tender embrace . . .


and I can’t wait until this evening.




Did I do anything at all today

to bring my Savior glory

or was this just another squandered day

of office busyness and evening frivolity,

a day where I lived, but I offered no Life

because spiritually I lacked concentration;

I just occupied space, sucked air, fed my face

and accomplished nothing at all for the Kingdom?

What a waste.

Tomorrow, Lord, I will pay closer attention.

Tomorrow, I will pray and watch and listen.

From now on, Lord, I want to serve you better.

Let my life, Lord, every day bring you great glory.






A brilliant blue sky, fluffy clouds, stately trees,

majestic mountains, ocean breakers, clear blue lakes, sparkling streams,

flowers of every color, dotted with butterflies and honey bees,

rainbows, sunsets, the moon and the stars . . . God made them all for me . . ..

wherever I walk, wherever I go, He’s placed them there for me

to view and appreciate, sing forth His praise and give Him glory;

surrounded by His beauty, I realize all these things are free .. . .

and the government can never take His beauty from me!

In the same way my love for Jesus is for eternity,

and His Word, hidden in my heart, is my reality;

I’m assured of His love for me, that He gave His life to save me,

and the government can never take my Savior from me . . .


there are some things that forever will always be mine.





Sullen, angry, rude, insensitive,

arrogant, opinionated, unkind ~

some of the attitudes we encounter in our day

are Satan’s ploys to block the task at hand.

No chance meeting,
no coincidence,

every person you encounter
is one who needs the chance

to see Jesus, hear Jesus,
receive some seeds of Truth,

and the only Good News they might ever receive

is the Good News that comes from you.

So don’t be distracted, discouraged, dismayed

by the attitude thrown at you,

it’ s a cover; it’s a smokescreen ~ look past your flesh with Love ~
God loves this one who stands in front of you.




Godly delays are not always convenient,

but necessary if we’re walking in His plan ~

He, who sees everything from beginning to end,

puts up roadblocks to protect His children.

Our plans and purposes may not always be His ~

imperfect beings with imperfect intentions ~

so rejoice in the fact that God so cares for you,

He would create divine interventions.






The amount of grace I extend to some

should, in the same manner, be extended to all

or the motive behind it becomes questionable.

Is it all about God or is it personal?

Do the healthier, wealthier, prettier people

deserve more forgiveness and grace from me

than each and every person from my past and in my future 

who may not greatly benefit me?


It’s all about Love that leads to Truth;

it has nothing to do with us.

Every person He’s appointed to cross my path

is loved by God and needs Christ.






I will pay no attention to what people think

about my passion, my purpose, my love for Jesus

because I am a daughter of the most high King  . . .


and though harsh words may be launched against me,

like sharp arrows, to harm and destroy me,

against armor, they will hit the ground quickly

as I stand firm in my heavenly royalty,

assured that my King loves me passionately

and someday I’ll be with Him for eternity . . .


no weapon formed against me will ever succeed

as I live for and serve my King.






Today I want to be overtaken by you . . .

consumed, absorbed,

enthralled by you . .  .

immersed, assimilated,

awestruck and fascinated,

completely and totally
besieged and captivated

by all You are . . .

and all I am

to You.


Overtake me, Lord,

as I surrender

this day

to you.






Time-out ~

not because I have misbehaved,

but to pause in the midst of my busy day

to take a moment, close my eyes, and quietly say,

“I love you, Jesus;

may the rest of this day bring you praise.”

Time-out ~

a time will come when time will cease:

no minutes, no hours, no days, no weeks

when each of us will step into eternity.

The clock is ticking quickly;

soon time-out will become our reality.

Are you ready? Am I ready?

We must be ready . . .

because heaven or hell

is the final destiny . . ..

at time-out.







For such a time as this

God chose to place us here,

so dismiss all thoughts of worry

and rebuke the spirit of fear.

He has always fully enabled us

and He will fully enable us now

to continue to bring Him glory

as His Wisdom shows us how

and His Mercy and Grace sustain us

through the trials and persecution ~

listen for His voice, have faith and believe,

then follow His direction

because even if harsh times are ahead

unlike any we’ve ever seen,

we’re up to the task because He’s already there ~

to provide the things we’ll need

to give honor to the Father,

bring glory to the Son,

walk in the power of the Spirit,

and get the job done ~

it may not be easy,

some may not even live through it,

but His grace is sufficient

for each of us to endure it

because we serve a mighty, awesome God

and we’ll live with Him forever;

this life is just a blip on the screen,

a wispy, evaporating vapor ~

it’s nothing we should want to hold onto

or make idols of the treasures it offers ~


for such a time as this,

our call is simply this:


we must love Him

and show Him

to others.






If I had it to do all over again

in my walk with Jesus Christ,

the one thing I wish that I had done

was make the decision earlier in my life


because there is great joy in this journey,

and I think about all the years I wasted

chasing down pleasure, adventure and fulfillment,

when right there, before me, it all waited~

in Jesus . . .


and as I read this morning the scripture about wages,

and how a man, who was hired early in the day,

was upset because another, who was hired near closing time,

got paid exactly the same . . .


and, yes, I know every believer will enter heaven’s gates ~

some who’ve served him for “hours”, others -“minutes”,

but how sad for the ones who missed out on the “full day”;

and the joy of the journey found in it.






You may not be on the worship team

that sings from the platform of your church

and you may not have a perfect voice

according to the standards of this world,

but look around . . . you are not alone . . .

you ARE on a worship team

that includes every person in this church

and every believer, this moment, who is singing

around the world . . . sweet praises to our God

as our voices blend in spiritual harmony,

it’s a symphony to His ears

and He is blessed by our song ~

a song from all of us ~

earth’s worship team!






This morning I was listening to the live version of Chris Tomlin’s song “How Great is Our God”.   You probably have heard the powerful lyrics and the chorus “How great is our God!  Sing with me, ‘how great is our God” and all will see how great, how great is our God!!!”  In the live version, there is a segment when Chris stops singing and all you hear are the voices of the audience singing the chorus.  I’ve listened to the song several times, but this time, the Lord grabbed my heart and spoke into my spirit, “Listen to all those voices worshipping me . . . listen as if it were every person upon the earth.”  I closed my eyes and listened . . . and began to hear it in a completely different way.  I started to cry as I could feel the longing of His heart that all creation would worship Him in this way.  I could do nothing but begin to sing along them with every ounce of my being.


So many don’t know Him.  So many hate Him and are rebelling against Him.  Oh that we could persuade them to realize who He is . . . how great He is . . . and that they would join in the song.






While driving into work today,

I took a moment to look around

at the glittering snow . . . the evergreen trees . . .

the geese flying by . . . the clouds . . .

every single one of these things

designed by . . . provided by my Creator.

The sight filled me with awe . . .

what a Creator . . . what a God ~

to offer such beauty in the midst of winter.


Each designed with a purpose in mind~

snow to insulate and water the earth;

trees to oxygenate the air, restrain the soil,

and to provide a habitat for the birds;

geese to supply food for mankind and other prey,

and soft feathers of down for our warmth;

with all this in mind, He created each one. . .

but the beauty . . . He created for. . .






Sin is sin

all have sinned

some are obvious

some are hidden

some play the world’s game

observe the world’s wisdom

use proper protection

so their sin won’t result in

a nine month gestation

before an observing congregation . . .


shrewd little sinners they are . . .


as we kick to the curb

the ones
who didn’t ”correctly” play the game.


Why aren’t we as confrontive
with the ones who “take precaution”
do we err on the side of caution
because we fear a similar situation
if our daughters stop taking their prescriptions
but continue in their same sinful actions
because we haven’t openly shared with them
the Word, the Truth, Godly Wisdom . . .
and perhaps the same critical observation
we just gave to the one who is pregnant
might someday be cast upon our loved one
and our parenting skills come into question?
Do we truly care about her spiritual condition . . .

or is it really about our good name?

Love truly covers a multitude of sins
it can cover our pride
it can cover her fornication
but it’s His Love we need in these situations
it’s time to draw close to Him
so, to our youth, Truth with Love we extend.

Now is the time

to speak Truth to our youth
the mandate is upon me
and the mandate is upon you
because someday soon
we will each stand before the Truth . . .

judged for what we did or didn’t say.






The one I love more than life itself

shares the very shell I live in;

present inside ~ the spirit of Jesus Christ

is embraced by my own flesh and skin.


His spirit and mine together in one place;

is there anything he cannot achieve

that he did years ago when he walked on the earth?

He’s walking around now within me.


When I extend my hand to lay it on the sick,

he reaches out at the same time

and through finite human pores, his healing power flows forth ~

I’m a container of the Divine,


and in saying that, I realize

because he’s right here, now, inside me . . .

I can show him my affection with a bear hug and a kiss . . .

though some watching might find such a thing quite silly . . .


perhaps I’ll wait until we are alone!






If I seek you, I will find you;

in your presence is fullness of joy,

so this day when I awake

the first words that I will say

are “Lord, I need you” . . .

then I will greet you

with a smile.


Good morning, Jesus.






It’s your perception of salvation.

It’s your form of spirituality.

It’s your choice

that will ultimately be your destiny

for all eternity.

To each his own,

to each his own,

to each his own:

the most popular, tolerant way to go,

but what’s good for you now

may not be good for you in the end

and I have an obligation to extend

absolute Truth to you, my friend,

because when your life ends

and before God you someday stand,

I’ll know I did not bend

to the lie of tolerance;

your blood

will not be found

upon my hands.






Some may think I’m a little dramatic,

over the top in what I believe,

but the truth of the matter is

it’s the Truth of the matter – His

for which I live and write and speak . . .


so if my walk with Jesus offends you,

it’s unfortunate, but I don’t apologize

because the Word is my defense

and if Jesus Christ is a Rock of offense,

when I represent Him well,

then so am I.




SOMEDAY . . . 


Someday . . .

will we still say

Jesus Christ is the only way

to the Father?


Right now when we say it,

it’s just politically incorrect,

but someday when we say it,

it may mean imprisonment or death . . .


it’s a fairly easy position

we are in for the time being;

the worst response we hear right now

is we’re narrow-minded human beings . . .


but someday if we’re faced with torture

or we’re forced to watch a loved one die,

will we be able to stand as boldly

in our commitment to Jesus Christ?


Right now we must be sure of our election

and who it is we serve this very day,

because if we have a lukewarm commitment,

distracted by the world and the comforts in it,

we are double-minded men who will be swayed


and turn away from Jesus in the last days.




November 7, 2008:


Should you accept the inevitable,
should you start going with the flow,
as your discouragement masks discernment,
and you start questioning what you know,
as you hear the charismatic delivery,
you see so many convinced and on board,
you wonder if you’re the one who’s crazy,
as you listen to the rhetoric over and over,
as twisted words and phrases
start to sound a bit like truth,
as repetitious lies
slowly . . . purposefully . . .
desensitize you
to Truth,
the Truth,
what you know to be true . . .


and you fear
if it continues,
it will consume you . . .


and you are right.

So, my child, run . . .


run to a quiet place
alone with the Father,
fall to your knees,
make your home an altar,
turn off the television,
immerse yourself in prayer,
focus on the only Truth
and Truth will meet you there.
Gird yourself with armor
that the world cannot provide
so you can be strong in the Lord
and the power of His might
to stand in the midst of the cunning lies,
to know Truth with peace and power,
to be a watchman on the wall
as you persevere and pray
for all the saints
in this dark hour.




November 4, 2008:


A compilation of phrases from things I’ve written in the past . . . especially appropriate for today:


To the Deceived:

It’s all about me, Jesus,
and all this is for me,
for my comfort and my gain.
It’s not about you,
as if I should do things your way;
I say you are my God,
but I take first place.

Increased wages, jobs, and tax cuts,
socialized medicine, social security . . .
So we kill a few more unborn babies
or we embrace homosexuality . . .
I’m voting for the handouts, Lord,
a government that will take good care of me.
Yes, Obama knows better than you
how to meet my needs . . .

and with arms wide open,
I extend the invitation
to no longer be free.


Have we entered the “autumn of our discontent”,
where we’re placing our hope in the man we elect
to fix everything and make us happy again?

Well, we’re in for a sad awakening
because no amount of man-orchestrated changes
will ever satisfy the empty heart places
that are reserved for . . .
awaiting . . . 



And for the Believers:


The sun goes down
and with it the sound
that accompanies the day,
but I stand quietly
in the darkness
and the night sounds
begin to arise.
Crickets chirp and locusts sing,
a bat on the prowl, the flutter of wings;
the volume increases
and the cadence intensifies
as the hour grows later.
In the midst of the darkness,
creation still worships its Creator.
And in the midst of dark days,
this creation still worships her Creator.

Men walk together hand-in-hand,
sexual preference on display.
condoned and accepted by society
and we die because of AIDS.
Children bearing children
or not bearing them at all,
since killing unborn babies
is a “right” reinforced by law.
Before Christ left, he told us
that he would come again,
though no one but the Father
would know exactly when;
yet he said there would be many signs;
and the birth pangs become stronger.
We see these things and realize
it cannot be much longer.
Oh, God, our world – it is not well.
please intervene and free us.
The trees are budding; the signs are there.
Dear Father, send back Jesus.

But in the interim, help me remember . . .

I can’t control it,
direct it,
correct it,
or perfect it;
but when I submit it,
commit it,
and to the Lord give it,
the burden becomes His
and not mine.
And whatever prophetic event lies ahead,
He’ll give me the grace to endure it,
and someday quite soon
I won’t even recall it
when the reality of eternity
is mine.


So . . .


Instead of hand wringing,
let me be found singing
praises . . .
praises to my King.

I will laugh at Satan’s ploy
to take away my joy ~

I will keep praising!

I’m not filled with fear or dread
though the world may shake its head

and think I’m crazy . . .

but as long as I serve Jesus
and as long He loves me,
the events of this world have no effect;
they are so temporary . . .

I am focusing on eternity
and the One awaiting me . . .

instead of hand wringing
I will be found singing
praises . . .
praises to my King!

Hand wringing isn’t an option for me . . .
but untangled fingers,
straight up and free,
unfurled to wave
and to worship my King . . .

and maybe blow Him a kiss or two!






I have no problem whatsoever

with spreading my wealth around

if I get to choose where to spread it,

the amount, to whom, and how.

You see,

when I spread my wealth as I see fit,

it’s called generosity;

when I give with a cheerful, loving heart,

there’s a blessing in it for me.

It’s a natural expression of love and care

that should flow forth from a Christian nation;

oh wait . .  I forgot . . . that’s no longer what we are,

so we’re forced to endure governmental action

where laws will be established to distribute the wealth

by a “messiah” with change as his mission.

Democracy be damned if Obama’s in command

and we enter the burly gates of socialism. 






When someday faced with trials and persecution

of the same type as foreign brothers now endure,

will believers in this land have any power at all to stand

because “prosperity” is the gospel we’ve constantly heard?


We always expect to receive everything we always want,

though God said He would meet all of our needs

according to His riches in glory (that’s spiritual provision, people).

God may disagree with what you think you need.


(Are you sure your “faith to believe” isn’t based in greed?)


Because someday it may be crackers,

even though you’ve asked for steak.

The roof over your head may not be a house,

but a dark and chilly cave.


The three or four bibles you currently have

may be reduced to a page or two,

and because you believe in Jesus Christ,

your life here may be taken from you.


The source of your joy, your peace, your strength

must only be found in Him.

It’s something to think about

because one day it may be

the way you will have to live.






No matter the news that the day will bring,

surrounded by economic chaos and calamity,

in view of it all, I will have great peace

because my hope is in the Lord.

He doesn’t place value in the commodities of men,

in gold, the euro, the dollar, the yen;

but in His pearl of great price,

blood-bought, forgiven;

I am His

and my hope is in Him.


“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” 






The Lord gives

and the Lord takes away,

know the Source of your joy,

be solid in your faith,

study the word and continually pray,

as everything that can be shaken

shakes . . .

a great harvest is about to take place

and for such a time as this

you have been placed

upon the earth

when instability will overtake the land,

with great peace and joy you’ll stand . . .

in the midst of man’s terror,

be prepared to give an answer

for the Hope you have.






Yesterday morning I had to leave earlier than usual to attend a 6:30a bible study, but because Tim was out of town, I needed to walk the dog before I left. It was “dark as molasses” at 6:00a yesterday, so I thought it would be wise to take a flashlight, not just so I could see, but so passing cars could see me! I switched it on while in the house to make sure the batteries were strong, but because the lights were so bright in the house, I had to turn it towards my face to make sure the light was on. Once outside, the light became a bright beacon, announcing my presence to the darkness and safely lighting my path. It was amazing to me the difference between how fairly indistinguishable the light was while in the house, yet how brilliantly it could be seen in the darkness. And immediately I thought, this is how it is for us as believers. When the Light of Christ within us shines forth, it is really the most efficient, the most powerful, when it’s shining forth in the darkness.






To those of you in the marketplace

who think you’re working for a living . . .

you are living for the working

because you belong to Me.

It’s another mission field,

a lost continent of greed and sin,

a place I’ve put you in

to share My story.

You’re a missionary

on assignment

so count it all joy

and get excited;

it’s not a job . . .

it is your calling . . .


the paycheck’s a bonus.




Walk on . . . 


In the midst of adversity

pressure and turmoil

His grace is sufficient

and His peace can be yours

because the footsteps of a righteous man

are directed and in order

if your righteousness is found in Christ

if He is your Lord and Savior

if you have committed all that you do

to live for and glorify Him

if you die to self daily and rely on His power

to resist the temptation of sin

if your heart is saddened, pierced through with remorse,

in those times when you stumble or fall

if you drop to your knees with regret and great sorrow

if “forgive me, Lord” is your heart’s call

then all that you do, everywhere that you go

is ordained and covered by His hand

your footsteps are ordered, you are His and He is yours


~ you are walking in His purpose and His plan.






Live it like you mean it

when you say Jesus is Lord

no flippancy


superficial christianity

either He’s your true reality

or He’s not.

Are you walking in a spirituality

lacking intensity, surrender and intimacy

devoted only to seeker sensitivity

but not to the One being sought?

Maybe it’s time for an inquiry,

“Just who is Jesus Christ to me?”

Is He my Lord and Savior undeniably?

Have I surrendered to Him my all?


God forbid

He would ever say . . .


He never knew me.






You say that I annoy you with my passion for Jesus.

You think my upraised hands are just for show.

But the only One I’m focused on

is Jesus Christ and Him alone;

I can’t help but reach up to the One I love.


It’s not about you, but my audience of One.


I am truly sorry that you feel the way you do,

but I didn’t come into this place to please or impress you.

But won’t you join in with me . . .

close your eyes and praise our King?

(He will not be annoyed at all if you lift your hands to Him.)


It’s the reason He created you – to worship Him.


Someday you will be with Him for all eternity

as the four and twenty elders cry “Holy, Holy, Holy”.

Face-to-face right there before Him,

you will stand before the King.

Will you worship Him then, or stand there still critiquing?

I know that you’ll be bowing . . . dancing . . . singing . . .


He’s in this place right now; why not begin?






Have you ever stood in an interior room

when someone turned out the lights?

Standing in the midst

of the darkest of dark,

with hands outstretched . . .

you close your eyes?


Reinforcing the darkness

with eyes that are closed

even though there’s the tiniest glimmer

from the room next door,

but you’re unaware

as you grope to grasp something familiar.


In the darkest of dark my Light shines forth;

I can see, Lord, but why can’t they?

I offer seeds of Truth,

I am careful to glorify You,

but when I do

they look at me

like I’m half crazed.


In the darkest of dark, my Light shines forth;

and though the darkness

won’t extinguish the Light,

my heart is heavily burdened

and I feel so very grieved

because the ones around me

cannot see the Light . . .


as they reinforce the darkness

with their closed eyes . . .


and grasp on

to the familiar

in their lives.






I love Him

much too much to sin against Him.

Yes . . . He bore the weight of all I would commit,

but one less sin today is one less sin that caused Him pain

2008 years ago

when He died for me.


Is my love for Him so shallow,

that I could add one more?

Is my love for me so great

that I just don’t care?






Content with little, content with much;

how could this possibly be?

Because my love, my devotion, my focus, my passion

is Jesus . . . and that makes me happy.

Salvation, forgiveness, mercy and grace . . .

a Father who is forever faithful;

these things alone are more than enough

for me to be totally grateful.

What more do I need? What more could I want?

Dare I moan about things I have not?

Should my contentment be based upon commodities and wealth

or the treasure of my friendship with God?

A Redeemer who died in my place for my sin

deserves all I have, all that I am.

If I devote my attention to earthly success,

it dilutes my devotion to Him.

He’s the One I was created to glorify;

not my self, my desires, my fulfillment.

If He is my focus, I need nothing more ~

because He is the source of contentment.

Salvation, forgiveness, mercy and grace,

a Father who is forever faithful;

these things alone should be more than enough.

They are. And He is. And I’m grateful.






If my pastor never preaches

on salvation and holiness,

never speaks out against my sin,

never calls for my repentance, 

bypassing the hard scriptures,

preaching prosperity “now” and blessings . . .


when prosperity “now” is over  . . .

what will I do?

Plead ignorance before the Lord

and point at you . . .



Who will come to my quick defense

to explain that my ignorance

was the result of a charlatan

in shepherd’s clothing?

Can you hear my cries and screams

as I writhe in burning flames

or are you much too busy today

just preaching nothing?


Yes, under your guidance

I chose to be.

Your words ignored my lifestyle

and tickled my fancy,

but I am now faced with eternal reality.

How I wish . . .

how I wish . . .

I’d sought the Truth.

How I wish . . .

my horrid death sentence

could be passed

to you.






Away from the word,

away from worship,

away from time spent with him;


dry ~

so dry,

vacant, empty,

you cry ~


longing for the passion again.


It’s as easy as turning,


just turn around,

turn around ~


face him;


he’s never left you,

his presence awaits you,

just turn around,

he’ll embrace you









who are you

when you’re in the marketplace

in the midst of your workday

does the fragrance of Christ remain

or do you inhale

the polluted air

of the lost and dying?


Does your fragrance go away

replaced by the smell

of death’s decay

no longer separate

you laugh and play

with unholy playmates

where some of the words you speak

are in conflict with what you believe

can fresh water and salt water

ever flow from the same spring?



who are you

away from brothers and sisters in Christ

away from family oversight

does His light in you burn bright

or does it dim

hidden under a basket

of compromise?


who are you really

when the one really watching you . . .


is Jesus Christ?






Me in me.  How smart am I?

How wise. How discerning. How brilliant.

God’s thoughts may be much higher than mine;

but surely He’s impressed with my input.


Or is He?


If it’s true that His hand spans the universe,

then I’m just a speck on that plain,

and within that speck

lies a microscopic fleck

of the teeniest, tiniest brain.


In all I do,

in all I say,

in every calculation,

if it’s done without God

based on vanity and pride,

it’s dangerous,

it’s ineffective,

it’s wasted.


Me in me ~

so much of nothing.

Jesus in me ~

the source of all wisdom.

Me in me ~

a hindrance to the Kingdom.

Let me listen

to the counsel

of the Lord.






A carrier of hemophilia,

I learned at the age of 13

every son I’d potentially give birth to

was at risk for this awful disease.

So in fear I made the decision

to never have one single child,

and this “carrier of hemophilia”

became a barren and childless wife.

But this Sunday during corporate worship,

as we sang “send your rain,

send your rain,

oh Lord”,

the Holy Spirit spoke so powerfully to me

and He showed to me something much more.

He said, “Yes, you are a carrier . . .

a carrier of Jesus Christ . . .

not a carrier of sickness, but of life-giving Life;

unborn children wait for you past these doors.

Pregnant with My power and purpose,

take what you’ve received to the outside ~

share Life with the ones you encounter this week

and watch the family of God multiply.”






You’ve asked and you’ve asked,

and you’ve waited and waited,

and the gift you’d most like to receive

has yet to arrive,

one more year passes by . . .

is it one that you ever will see?


How many times do you have to ask

or receive “a word” time and again

that it’s a gift,

it’s a calling

which will someday be yours?

Okay.  You believe it.  Now when?


It’s about timing.

It’s about preparation.

It’s about faith and hope and trust,

walking humbly in God’s plan.


It’s about patience.

It’s about refining.

And no amount of whining will rush His timing . . .

‘cause it’s all about Him.


When you become



and submitted,

you might see it then.






Life changes ~

the scenery . . .

the faces . .

different people . . .

different places.

But the mission

does not change.

Our assignment

stays the same:

light and salt . . .

today . . . always ~

each day,

a day

the Lord has made

to save ‘em.






The kingdom of heaven is now at hand

because the Holy Spirit resides in you;

every place . . . everywhere . . . you sit, walk, or stand

there are people who encounter you,

unaware they have crossed a spiritual line

as they stand now completely exposed

to the power of God in their very midst ~

they have entered the Kingdom Zone.


Who will walk into your office today?

Who will cross your path in the market?

For such a time as this you’ve been placed on the earth,

a spiritual being on temporary assignment,

imbued with Power through the One within you,

mighty Power . . . from on High . . .  here on loan

to be spoken . . . displayed . . . extended to each one

who enters the Kingdom Zone.


And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give. Matthew 10:7-8 KJV






Burdened . . .

so burdened

by so many critical needs . . .

I fall to my knees

with heart-wrenching pleas,

but rise with a sense of relief

because I know

my Father

heard me . . .

and however He intervenes . . .


it will be








And the same day, when the evening was come, he saith unto them, Let us pass over unto the other side. And when they had sent away the multitude, they took him even as he was in the ship. And there were also with him other little ships. And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full. And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake him, and say unto him, Master, carest thou not that we perish? And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. Mark 4:35-39


Sailing along through your workday,

maneuvering the wind and the waves;

when you call upon Christ

to calm the storms that you face,

you bless the small ships in your wake.


Who are the small ships in your wake?

Everyone who surrounds you this day . . .

rocking and rolling

upon the same waves;

your Christ-instilled peace

will say . . .








As I was driving into work this morning, I was unexpectedly greeted by the most brilliantly colorful, spectacular sunrise I have ever seen.  I was awestruck by its beauty and, with great pause, I slowly spoke the words of a phrase my husband often says in similar situations . . .  “Will you . . . . look . . . . at . . . . that!”


Have you ever crested the top of a hill

where a spectacular view awaits ~

a brilliant sunrise

or other splendid surprise ~

so incredible, it takes your breath away?


One of those unexpected moments

when you’re driving along as you do,

expecting nothing more

than what you’ve seen before,

and the Creator suddenly steps in front of you?


As if to say, “Hello, there!  Here I am, child!

I painted this right before you crested the hill;

a perfect painting . . . perfect timing . . .

I knew you were coming!”

And be reminded, child, it won’t be long until


you’re moving right along in the normalcy of your day,

expecting to see the things you’ve always seen,

when you crest that moment in time ~

the hour the Father will decide ~

and the Beauty you encounter will be Me.





(a spiritual analogy)


From “Learn 2 Grow” – Prolong the Vase Life of Your Roses


Always place roses in a freshly cleaned vase. Vases that have been used over and over without cleaning will accumulate bacteria that stand ready to attack and deteriorate freshly cut roses. Remove any leaves that fall below the water line because foliage left in the water promotes bacterial growth.  Change the vase water of your bouquets daily because old water contains bacteria, and fresh water will help to extend the life of your cut roses. Never use softened water, because it may contain salt, which is not good for your cut roses.  And finally, bacterial growth in the water will clog the stems, prohibiting an uptake of fresh water, so re-cut the stems of your roses under water every day with a sharp pair of cutters so they continue to drink freely.


There once were a dozen red roses,

newly picked and sprinkled with dew,

fresh, fragrant cylinders of promise,

crimson buds with a destiny to bloom,


from great beauty to magnificent splendor ~

the ultimate purpose for their existence

to be a blessing from the giver to the given ~

a vivid offering of color and fragrance.


With eagerness the beneficiary awaited

the full blessing the bouquet would provide,

but as crimson heads drooped slowly downward,

their destiny to bloom was denied . . .


their nourishment had become defiled.






Very few Easter Sundays remain

before the One Who Rose comes again.

The countdown is upon us;

we can no longer be frivolous.

He has risen,

but He’s coming again.


Yes, He’s risen,

He’s risen,

He has risen indeed;

but He’s coming,

He’s coming


How many do you know

who aren’t ready to go?

Who will tell them?

We must tell them.


Will you?






The doctor has made a diagnosis

and his report has been delivered to you . . .

the tests are conclusive . . . there is no cure,

so what do you do with this news?

Just like a weatherman reading his map,

announcing that rain’s on the way;

do we cancel outdoor plans, walk with umbrella in-hand,

though the sun shines bright and clear the entire day?


No way!


Because they’re not God!

God controls the weather.

And they’re not God!

God’s your Creator and your Healer.

They can read their weather maps, their MRI’s, and their CT scans,

but they’re not God

and you’re in His Hand!


His report says you’re free of sickness,

healed by the stripes of Christ;

you’re free from fear because you walk in the Spirit

of power and love and a sound mind;

you’re free from worry because He said to cast

all your worries upon Him.

So who’s report will we believe?

We’ll believe the Great Physician!


Because they’re not God!

God controls the weather.

And they’re not God!

God’s your Creator and your Healer.

They can read their weather maps, their MRI’s, and their CT scans,

but they’re not God

and you’re in His Hand!




– Cheri Henderson, 


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