My lamp is full!  The flame is lit!  And I am burning hot!

If none go with me, I don’t care. It really matters not!

For there’s a harvest awaiting me outside these four church walls.

I’ve been commissioned.  I am consumed.  And I’m burning for the lost!


My lamp is full of holy oil – Holy Ghost powered fuel.

Jesus touched me with His passion for souls, and I am burning with His zeal!

The harvest fields are ready, and for those fields He’s readied me!

I will go forth and launch my lamp.  I will ignite the fields!


For how many men does it take to start a fire?

Only one with a passion for Christ and His desire!

Fields past due for harvest – they are dry and growing dryer.

It’s time to go forth with a holy blaze and set the fields on fire!


Yes, the fields are dry and thirsty – and the harvest is past due!

If we’d “toss the lamp” and shout “Jesus saves”, we’d surely see Him move!

But frigid, cold, immobile – we stand within the four church walls,

while outside in the streets, the markets, the fields – that’s where we’re being called!


The dying need His words of life; the sick, His healing touch;

the bound, His delivering power; the hurting, His boundless love.

Where are the doers of the Word, going forth with the gospel to preach?

Who will beat the drum of the Father’s heart throughout the city streets?


Set ablaze with a passion for Christ, let us burst forth upon the streets!

A blaze, unconfined, consumes all in its path and grows with lightening speed!

Let thousands and thousands be saved and freed!  Let thousands and thousands be healed!

Our lamps are full.  Our flames are lit.  Let’s see FIRE in the field!






I am here for a purpose; I have a fire in my bones!

I’ve experienced this revival for a reason –

not to reminisce some day about the things that “used to be” –

God did not intend this change in me for just a season.


For I know that God has laid his hand upon me,

and, behold, I now go on – bound in the spirit.

I am bound, I am bound; I have no choice but to be bound!

I must continue life this way – bound in the spirit!


And so right here, right now, Lord – I pledge my life to you

– every breath I breathe for the balance of my days!

I WILL do something with the way You’ve touched me!

I CAN’T and won’t go back to old, dead ways!


I can no longer live a life of Christian mediocrity,

sitting in a church pew with that “feed me, pastor” mentality.

I can’t take it anymore!  I refuse to sit idly by!

Instead I now live to give it  – that’s my reality!


So I jump up from my bed and throw a kiss to the sky.

Good morning, Father!  Lord, I am so excited to be alive!

You’ve laid your hand upon me, and I’m bound, I’m truly bound!

So what are we going to do today, you and I?


Acts 20:21-22: “Testifying both to the Jews, and also to the Greeks, repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ. And now, behold, I go bound in the spirit . . .”






No roasts in the oven, no watches on our sleeves;

we come with expectancy, and stay ‘til the glory leaves.

At the strike of 12:00, we no longer rush the door

because it’s not church as usual anymore!


Let this church be like a mantel, Lord – unite us,

that Your flame of holy fire would ignite us

as a sheath of threads entwined within a lamp,

let Your light shine forth with brilliance from this camp.


Let the lost be led to walk within these doors

and when they leave, they all would know You, Lord!

Let us pray for the sick and see each one restored,

for You said we’d do what You did and much more!


To come together and spend this time with You –

there is nothing in this world we’d rather do;

for we no longer place any other god before You!

Lord, You’re the only one . . .

our hearts indeed You’ve won . . .

and it’s just not church as usual anymore!


What a joy to know the presence of the Lord,

to seek all that He has in one accord!

Together, as we worship, He arrives

and He’s saving the lost . . .

healing the sick . . .

and HALLELUJAH, He’s reviving all our lives!






Take my heart, oh Lord, and give me Yours,

For mine is tainted, but Yours is pure.

I hunger to know You . . . to know You more.

Lord, take my heart.  I long to have Yours.


Help me, my Father!  Please hear my cry.

To sin and self, let me completely die.

Burn up the chaff, and make me new.

Oh, Lord, my God!  I’ll live for You.


Chorus:    Make me new, my Lord.  To be like You, oh Lord.

               On my own, I’m nothing without You.

               I want Your heart, Your eyes, Your mind . . . I want to be like You.

               I die to self, Lord.  Take my life, Lord.  Make me new.


Take my eyes, oh Lord, and give me Yours;

my visions narrow; my sight’s unsure.

With eyes that are holy, I’ll clearly see

Your perfect will and purpose for me.


Help me, my Father.  Please touch my eyes.

Give me your clear and perfect holy sight;

help me to see the way You do.

Oh, Lord, my God!  I’ll live for You.




Take my mind, oh Lord, and give me Yours;

for You are knowledge and wisdom’s source.

Let all of my thoughts, Lord, proceed from You.

I want to think the same way You do.


Help me, my Father.  Please touch my mind.

Give me Your thoughts; give me the mind of Christ.

Help me to think the way You do.

Oh, Lord, my God!  I’ll live for You.








If revival never overtakes this city, I tell you now, it’s overtaken me.

The Holy Ghost has grabbed me and He’s turned me inside out.

Jesus saved me, healed me, touched me, set me free!


It matters not if everyone around me is satisfied to stay just where they are.

I MUST have more of God! And I WILL have more of God!

Nothing and NO one can stop me now.


Personal revival, it’s a matter of two: Jesus and me . . . and what He’d have me do.

He’s the One who put a fire deep within my bones.

Men can’t fan the flame.  It’s Christ alone.


I will listen to His voice. I will keep my eyes on Him.

His praise will be continually in my mouth.

He’s the One who put a fire deep within my bones,

and nothing’s gonna put that fire out!


If He says dance before me, I will dance with all my might!

If He says shout,

I’ll shout with all my voice!

I may offend some people, but I’ll surely bless my God,

and blessing God is what I’m all about!


You can come along with me. Yes, you can come along.

But even if you don’t, I’m pressing on.

I’m going after God,

with everything I’ve got!

I pray that you will choose to come along.


–Cheri Henderson,


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