Content with little, content with much;

how could this possibly be?

Because my love, my devotion, my focus, my passion

is Jesus . . . and that makes me happy.

Salvation, forgiveness, mercy and grace . . .

a Father who is forever faithful;

these things alone are more than enough

for me to be totally grateful.

What more do I need? What more could I want?

Dare I moan about things I have not?

Should my contentment be based upon commodities and wealth

or the treasure of my friendship with God?

A Redeemer who died in my place for my sin

deserves all I have, all that I am.

If I devote my attention to earthly success,

it dilutes my devotion to Him.

He’s the One I was created to glorify;

not my self, my desires, my fulfillment.

If He is my focus, I need nothing more ~

because He is the source of contentment.

Salvation, forgiveness, mercy and grace,

a Father who is forever faithful;

these things alone should be more than enough.

They are. And He is. And I’m grateful.



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