Lord, where do you want me to go today? 

What places should I visit?  What paths should I take? 

Who will I encounter along the way, 

and what words would you have me to say? 


Lord, how do you want to use me today?

Is there a person or problem for which I should pray?

Or shall I sit at your feet and worship you the whole day?

Lord, what should I do with this day?


You’ve created me for this time; don’t let me miss it!

Every person, every place – a divine appointment!

You’ve created me for this place; don’t let me miss it!

Direct me, Lord, for I don’t want to waste one minute!


Speak to me, Lord.   Your servant wants to hear you!

I want every moment of my day ordained by you.

I was created for your pleasure; so let everything I do

be used to bring you glory.  I live for you!






Another celebration of the day that I was born –

a perfect time to ask again, just what am I living for?

Am I as sold-out for you, as I should be, Lord,

or am I gliding on grace,

manipulating mercy,

and taking the easy road?


I was born for such a time as this.  Are you glad, Lord?

Am I positioned for the opportunities you have ahead?

Have I heeded up to now your plan and purpose for my life?

I look back and then forward

and honestly conclude,

it’s a good day for me to die again.


To die to all that keeps me from wholly loving you;

you gave me my life, Lord – I want it to count solely for you.

As I gather with friends this day who sing “Happy birthday to you”,

what I want most is to know

the One who gave me this life

is celebrating this birthday too.






No longer my own; I’ve been bought with a price,

forgetting myself and the things that are mine,

to Him, let me live. To Him, let me die.

To the glory of God, I put on Jesus Christ!


Take over my life, Lord!  Yes, that is my cry!

Let Your wisdom and will over me now preside!

Come Holy Spirit!  Let Your power here reside

and have Your way completely!  I give You my life!


For I live to bring You glory.  It thrills my soul!  It is my honor!

My passion in this life is all for You and for no other!

That everyone would worship You is the thing I long for most

because You’re so deserving and, my Jesus, I love You so!


So whatever I can do or say to bring each one to You –

use me to accomplish this in whatever way You choose!

I was created to bring You glory and so I submit to You this day

a jar of clay for the Great I AM.  Use me and have Your way!






I can’t exist on yesterday’s old manna;

I can’t subsist on weak “remember when’s”.

I need a new, fresh moment with you, Jesus.

Today, Lord!  I must have you once again!


Today I am so desperate for your presence!

Sweet memories of the past just aren’t enough.

I appreciate what you’ve done, but a new day has begun.

More of you, Lord.  That is all I’ll ever want.


A new work, a new word, a brand new song,

more fire, more passion, more zeal,

more signs and wonders, more love for the lost –

a Holy Ghost revival that is real!


If there’s something I have done or I’m not doing

that prohibits you from moving as you want,

drop me to my knees with an intense conviction, please!

And of that thing, oh Lord, I WILL repent!


For I’ve seen you move in awesome, holy power,

and now, Lord, I will settle for nothing less.

I’ve become addicted to you and all that you do;

I crave to know and have and live only your best!






Men’s opinions – a dime a dozen,

flying freely through the air –

“God wants this!  God wants that!”

Many contradict; few rarely compare.


I have to shake my head and laugh,

as His joy bubbles up within me,

and He tells me “child, you know my voice;

just keep your ears attuned to me.”


“For my thoughts are so much higher

and if you walk with me and listen,

the direction for your life will always be clear.

All you need is MY opinion.”






I speak the truth in Christ–I am not lying, my conscience confirms it in the Holy Spirit–[and] I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart.  Romans 9:1-2


You need not defend your position

for the position’s not yours, it is mine.

Just deliver the word and step out of the way

and let the Spirit convict, my child.


Sharper than any double-edge sword

soul and spirit, joints and marrow it divides,

heart thoughts and attitudes, exposed and judged,

the flesh reacts to what it thought it could hide.


Just step aside but don’t fall down and roll over —

stand straight, stand tall, stand strong;

accusations and condemnation are the enemy’s ploy,

but rest assured that my word’s never wrong.






That was then

this is now

different people

back then

we were


but now



and unbound

to love . . .

greatly love

each other.

Scarred by the past

no longer

we’re new creations in Christ

hurtful words said

washed away

by the blood









Did you hear Me speak

when I spoke to you?

Though you say you didn’t,

I know that that’s untrue

for the Voice you heard,

child, it was really Me.

But the minute I started to speak,

you quickly turned away from Me

and My words poured out

on deaf ears once again.


I always speak for good reason ~

there is something that I want to say.

Yes, that still small Voice is really Me,

so stop and listen to what I have to say.

Don’t be afraid of what you may hear;

do not fear what I may say to you ~

just take heed and to My voice draw near.

I speak because I love you.






Lord, let me “be attitudes” that ring praise to You,

attitudes that bring many souls to You,

attitudes that offer the sweet love of You.

Let me be all You want me to be.


So, humble me, Lord, should I lose track of self

for I am no better than anyone else.

I would be nothing without Your kind help;

humbled I am by Your grace.


And, Lord, let such sorrow just fill my heart

over all of the people who want no part

of the salvation message You’ve tried to impart.

Let me mourn for them, Lord; they are lost.


Meek and lowly is how You’ll find me,

overcome by Your presence; my Lord, I’m so weak!

Just and good is what I want to be,

showing kindness and mercy towards all.


My Lord, cleanse my heart as white as the snow

and let me spread peace wherever I go.

And, if I am mocked because it’s You that I know,

I will praise Your sweet name all the more!


Then happy is what I shall be!

For You’ve promised that You would bless me

if I follow Your words and just “be

attitudes” that You have set forth!






It’s not a game,

or a hobby,

or an off-and-on whim,

but a sold-out,


life-long event

where the fruit is good and plenty

because we represent Him . . .


we want no part of sin . . .

it’s how we want to live . . .

because we are His children . . .

and we love Him.






Pre-trib, mid-trib, post-tribulation –

it matters not when He will come,

there still is work that must be done

before God sends back His Holy One

to gather up His people.


Yet peering toward the heavens,

I listen for the trumpet

and imagine the thrill of shooting through the sky,

to join up with the millions,

all riding on white stallions,

and reigning forevermore with Jesus Christ!

But as I slowly lower my eyes,

I see before me all the lives

who haven’t had the chance to hear the Truth.

And in all my longing for Him . . .

the moments spent just waiting . . .

I forgot the work that I have yet to do.


Pre-trib, mid-trib, post-tribulation –

it matters not when He will come,

there still is work that must be done

before God sends back His Holy One

to gather up His people.






Camping, for me, is a blessing;

it’s a time of uplifting prayer.

Jesus is constantly by my side;

His goodness I see everywhere.

With branches reaching to the sky,

the trees stand tall and proud.

I, among them, with arms outstretched,

sing words of praise aloud.


The birds soar high above me;

with grace they float so free.

As free as they, through Christ,

I am lifted up in His love for me.

A gentle breeze caresses my face.

Its coolness fills the air,

as the Spirit fills my heart with fire

because my Lord is there.


Resting, I sit by a flowing stream;

the reflection of the sun shining bright,

as the Son’s reflection shines bright in me

and the Living Water refreshes my life.

At day’s end, I sit by the campfire;

the dying embers begin to grow dim.

But a gentle breeze stirs them slightly

and a bright flame again begins.


And I pray that it would be the same with me

should the glow of the Lord grow dim,

that the Wind of the Spirit would stir my soul

and the fire of my love for Him.

Surrounded by nature’s splendor;

such peace in the Lord it brings,

magnifying the great love in my heart

for sweet Jesus, my Savior and King!






Paul tells us that he was chosen by God

to be an apostle of Jesus Christ,

so I wonder if God then also chose me

to be something specific in this life . . .


for instance . . .


if I, Cheri Henderson, were chosen by God

to be a poet of Jesus Christ,

I can’t take this assignment lightly

nor the words and the phrases I write.


for if, in fact, I am His poet,

there are people He’s appointed to read

what I wrote . . .

and respond . . .

and dedicate their lives

to the thing they’ve been called to be!


So think about it.  What is your calling?

What has God chosen you to be . . .

for this moment, this hour, this day, or this life?

Your obedience will affect eternity.


How many await the call on your life . . .

to respond to the call on their own?






7:00 a.m., I’m sitting again in my warm and comfortable den.

Coffee in hand.  Bible open.  It’s time for daily prayer and meditation.

Although at 3:00 a.m., my eyes flew wide open, with a call to intercession,

I rolled over with a yawn; I could cover it at dawn. Old habits won again.


A few uplifting songs.  An offering and a sermon – but not too long.

Cookie-cutter services –  tried and true.

We watch the clock, appease the flock, and ignore the steady knock

of the Holy Spirit telling us what He wants to do.


Lord, when it comes to you, I don’t want to be a creature of habit,

doing things the same way, at the same time, in the very same place.

For that’s all about tradition, superstition, and personal comfort;

not about hearing your voice, following your lead, and doing it your way,


They say old habits never die, but they will if we crucify the flesh.

It’s time to break these habits.  Holy Spirit show us how!

When you move, we’ll move, when you speak, we’ll speak; you know what’s best.

It’s not about what worked in the past; it’s about the here and now.


Will I be a creature of habit or a creature you inhabit?

Will I live by agendas, schedules, and formatted plans,

or will I move when you move, speak when you speak, and do it your way?

Lord, inhabit me!  Set me free and let me move with the Lamb!






How I long to do right, but so often

I am tempted to do that which is wrong.

I know very well the Lord’s will for my life

and when tempted, I want to be strong.


Lord, Your word says You suffered temptation,

yet were sinless and free of all blame.

How I wish I were more like You, Jesus,

in those times when I’m faced with the same.


Oh, Lord, let me not be enticed into sin;

deliver me from evil, I pray.

Give me the guidance and help that I need

to follow Your will every day.


In such distress, Lord, please provide me with aid;

shower me with mercy and grace.

Then I’ll know that through You I can surely withstand

the temptations I so often face.


And blessed shall I be as I firmly endure

the evil that threatens my life.

Though I have not alone what it takes to resist,

my strength shall be in Jesus Christ!






When I was hungry, did you give me food to eat?

When I was thirsty, did you give me something to drink?

When I was a stranger, did you invite me in?

When I was exposed, did you clothe my naked skin?


When I was sick and infirm, did you care to look after me?

When I was in bondage, did you come to visit me?

Have you shown the world all that is available through me:

Salvation, Love, Peace, Joy, Protection, Deliverance and Healing?


For to the hungry, I am the bread of life.

To the thirsty, I am a river that never runs dry.

To the stranger, a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

To the naked, I’m a mighty hand that surely covers!


To the sick and infirm, I am their healer.

To those in bondage, I’m their deliverer.

So be obedient and show the world what’s available through me:

Salvation, Love, Peace, Joy, Protection, Deliverance and Healing!


For whatever you do for the least of these, my brothers,

they are things that you are doing unto me.

If I were among you, all of these things are things I would do.

And I am.  You are my body.  Honor me.


Then I will say, come all you blessed by my Father;

take your inheritance, take your inheritance – it is yours!

The kingdom prepared for you so long ago

at the creation of the world – it is yours!






Dawn is peeking through the curtains –

the beginning of a brand new day!

Yes, it’s time to rise, but before I do,

there’s something I must say:


Good morning, Lord!  

I thank You for another day to sing

Your praises and to tell the world

that You are everything!


This day is Yours, sweet Jesus,

and I ask that You just fill

me with your Holy Spirit, Lord,

and direct me as You will.

You see, no day is just another day

when you’re walking with the Lord.

The highs are so much higher,

and the lows aren’t near as low.


And when His day is ended,

I will not go to sleep

until I’ve expressed my gratefulness

through these words I gladly speak:


Good night, my Lord!  I thank You

for another day to sing

Your praises and to tell the world

that You are everything!

I look forward to tomorrow,

and I ask that you just fill

my with Your Holy Spirit, Lord,

and direct me as You will.






I look into the mirror sometimes

and I see a sourness;

I look into the mirror sometimes

and I see a weariness;

I look into the mirror sometimes

and see irritation and stress;

I look into the mirror sometimes

and I cannot see God’s likeness.


I look into the mirror sometimes

and I see anxiety;

I look into the mirror sometimes

and what’s staring back at me

isn’t peace or joy or gentleness,

so could this reflection that I see

be the kind of “face value” I project

when people first meet me?


Oh, Jesus, override my flesh

and shine Your beauty forth!

Let others that I meet today

see You in me, my Lord!

When I’m faced with trials, remind me

that I’m facing them with You

so my face will reflect Your nature, Lord,

and people will know that I know You —


and can take me at face value!






“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, your soul, your mind.’

Jesus said this is the first and greatest commandment.

The second one is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

All the Law and Prophets hang on these commandments.”


A neighbor isn’t family – those who are the easiest to love.

It’s the lazy co-worker, the customer with an attitude.

It’s the beer-guzzling neighbor with the loud, obnoxious dog.

Jesus loves them and we are to love them too.


It’s the Christian brother or sister who may have slighted you.

It’s the pastor who downplayed your spiritual gift.

It’s the struggling one in bondage, the emotionally unstable, the mentally ill.

His love!  His love!  He commands that we extend it!


When we love, we do not murmur; we are not irritated;

critical spirits, pride and arrogance fly out the door;

our opinion doesn’t matter, others always take first place,

when we love with a love that’s truly from the Lord.


Jesus will pour out His love so we can extend it to others

when we sit at His feet and pour out our love unto Him.

That’s why loving Him first was given as the greatest commandment,

and He told Martha that Mary had chosen the “better thing”.


Yes, could it be we were given these commandments for a reason?

We keep praying for power, for peace, for joy, for freedom,

but all of this is secondary – if love is where it all begins.

We want miracles, signs and wonders . . .

if we’d love, perhaps we’d see them.






I want what You want for my life.

Speak to me!  Let me not miss a beat!

Strip away the hindrances all around and within;

in every way You want to, Lord, use me!


I’ve already wasted so much of my time;

yes, I’ve blown it in so many ways!

I want the rest of my life to count only for You!

Lord, I give you now the balance of my days!


Let me not impede the things You want me to do

in the moments ahead, the days, the months, the years.

I know that all my footsteps have been ordered of You,

and for such a time as this, You’ve placed me here!


I want to see, want to hear, want to know, want to do!

I don’t want to end my life with great remorse.

So open my eyes and my ears that I would see and I would hear.

I want to walk within Your perfectly planned course!


Yes, I want what You want, and You know what I need

to accomplish all the things that You have planned for me.

So I say, “Have Your way, Lord!  Here’s the rest of my life!

I exist only for You, Lord!  My God, be glorified!”


From now on, I am Yours.  From now on, Lord.

No more me.  Only You.  From now on.

And someday when my life on earth is finished,

with no remorse, before my King, I’ll gladly bow.






I was contemplating today

the vastness of my age

and all the time I’ve walked upon this earth . . .

26 million minutes . . .

18,000 days . . .

quite a lot of footsteps for this “girl”.


God’s Word says all my footsteps

have been ordered by the Lord,

so every place I’ve walked is no coincidence;

all the people I’ve encountered

for a moment or maybe more

were placed upon my path

to be influenced


for His glory.


Have I done it?  

I really doubt it

but this much I know for sure,

from this point forward

until the day I die,

the joy of the Lord will be evident

to everyone I meet

because everyone I meet

will receive a smile.


It’s the least that I can offer

and with this thought in mind,

perhaps I’ll be reminded why I’m here

as I smile upon each stranger

with the tender love of Christ,

I may also want to tell them

about Him.






I’d rather hear Christian music

than any old country song.

It’s so much nicer to sing about Christ

than to sing about love gone wrong.


Christian music is always uplifting!

The words of praise ring out so clear,

unlike the garbled messages found in rock

where you’re never sure just what you hear.


Just give me a “We Shall Behold Him . . .,

we shall see Him face to face . . .”

over lyrics that reek of sex and drugs

or secretly give Satan the praise.


I’m a Christian and that’s the music I choose

‘cause I’m living my life for the Lord.

I want to sing songs that apply to my life,

not garbage that applies to the world!






Dad opens his bible every morning,

as you munch down breakfast while you watch TV.

It’s so good to have a Dad who loves the word of God,

since you’re a person who never likes to read.


It’s lunchtime and you hit the cafeteria;

you’re so hungry that you don’t take time to pray;

but Dad will bless the food you eat that evening,

so one meal without a prayer should be okay.


Every Sunday, Mom and Dad take you to service,

and the pastor preaches something . . . you’re not sure.

It’s so hard to pay attention to his message;

but at least your parents take in every word.


Your parents teach you holy ways to live your life,

but at times you have to do it your own way.

You know your momma prays the blood of Jesus over you,

so you figure you’re forgiven and quite saved.


But you can’t get to heaven on Daddy’s shirt tail

or by holding onto Momma’s apron string.

Gotta go it alone; make a commitment of your own.

Jesus wants your heart; he wants your everything.


Just because your Mom and Dad love Christ completely,

you’re not excused to play your worldly games.

If you think that’s the way, look out on Judgment Day,

since your parents won’t be there to fight the flames.


No, it’s not a free ride ‘cause you happen to be

the child of Christian parents who are saved.

Is Jesus Christ your Lord?  Have you given Him your heart?

There’s no better time to do it than today.






As this successful young man stands before me,

I fondly remember the little boy, so dear,

with his trucks and his balls, his scrapes and his falls.

Just a blink, and the years disappeared.


Yes, I watched as you matured and grew

from a little boy to the man you are today.

You’ve reached a milestone, and I’m so proud of you!

The words “well done, child” are what I want to say!


So it’s onward from here to much, much more!

Will there be wealth ahead? Notriety? Fame?

A highly acclaimed talent with worldwide renown?

“I knew him when” is what I’ll probably say!


Who can know for sure what the future holds in store?

But this much I know to be true:

you’ll have no regrets when it’s all said and done

if you put Jesus first in all that you do.


For someday every phase of your life will really be complete —

and there will be a final “graduation day”

where the milestone of your life

will be to look upon the Lord,

and “Well done, child”,

the words you hear Him say.






As this successful young woman stands before me,

I fondly remember the little girl, so dear,

with her dolls and teacups, dresses and bows.

Just a blink, and the years disappeared.


Yes, I watched as you matured and grew

from a little girl to the woman you are today.

You’ve reached a milestone, and I’m so proud of you!

The words “well done, child” are what I want to say!


So it’s onward from here to much, much more!

Will there be wealth ahead? Notriety? Fame?

A highly acclaimed talent with worldwide renown?

“I knew her when” is what I’ll probably say!


Who can know for sure what the future holds in store?

But this much I know to be true:

you’ll have no regrets when it’s all said and done

if you put Jesus first in all that you do.


For someday every phase of your life will really be complete —

and there will be a final “graduation day”

where the milestone of your life

will be to look upon the Lord,

and “Well done, child”,

the words you hear Him say.






A woman stares dejectedly into the bathroom mirror,

her reflection mocks what she once used to be.

Too many wrinkles and too many graying hairs;

youthful beauty, now decayed, is all she sees.


A young boy, short and stocky, is the brunt of childhood jokes;

he shrugs it off, but deep inside he wants to die.

He responds to the cruel remarks with witty humor, suave fair,

but in the darkness of his room each night, he cries.


A teenage girl fights despair as she watches the TV;

clear complexions, waif-like figures on display.

But she is heavy, she has acne, and her hair is way too thin,

and she cries because she’ll never look that way.


And the Lord says, “What are you doing, O devastated ones?

Why dress yourself in scarlet and jewels of gold?

Why shade your eyes with paint and adorn yourself in vain?

You are perfect in beauty when I in you shine forth.


You were created in My image and when I look on you, My child,

a lovely reflection of Myself is what I see –

a beautiful child, clothed in the righteousness of My Son.

What I see in you is a mirror image of only Me.


The King is enthralled by your beauty; honor Me, I am your Lord;

for when you demean yourself, it is Me you criticize.

You have the unfading beauty of a gentle, quiet spirit,

and that kind of beauty is of great worth within My eyes.


So do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world,

but heed the words I that I am speaking now to you.

My estimation of beauty – not the world’s – is what you need.

See yourself and look at others the way I do.






Investments of late have seem to become

the popular and responsible thing

for ensuring solidity in our future years.

Ah, the peace that security brings!


Just ask Merrill-Lynch for a word of advice,

Dean Witter or E. F. Hutton.

They’ll take your investment and make an attempt

at turning it from nothin’ to somethin’


Financial investments may be a good thing,

but there’s always an element of risk.

Yet, I’ve made an investment that’s thoroughly sound;

I can do nothing but profit from it.


My personal investment will never be subject

to penalties on capital gain,

because the capital gain I will soon realize

is seeing Jesus Christ . . . face to face!


Yes, I am investing in my future,

not through stocks or securities . . .

but by living my life for the Lord Jesus.

I am investing in my eternity!






In your plan ~

what a wonderful place to be

as I see lives slowly changing

for your glory . . .


glimpses of your Spirit

softening hearts . . .

convicting . . .

stirring . . .


I can’t wait to see

the outcome

of this story!


Thank you, Lord,

for sharing it

with me.






Trendy hair styles,

proper make up,

pluck those eyebrows,

work out, shape up . . .

weekly manicures,

clothing that flatters,

diminish those wrinkles,

because how you look matters . . .

oh yes,

how you look matters . . .

don’t you know

how you look matters . . .

to the world?


How sad that

it should matter . . .

to me.


How I wish we could be cherished

for what is inside

and not have to worry

about what is outside . . .

because as we grow older,

it’s harder to compete

with lovely, young women

and their concept of beauty . . .

someday what’s inside

will be all we have left

and nothing we can do

will have any effect . . .


old is old and wrinkled’s wrinkled . . .

slapping paint on an old, warped barn

accents the holes where the knots used to be . . .

it’s painted, but it’s still an old barn

so let me say now

that there’s beauty inside . . .

it’s the place within us

where Jesus resides

and shouldn’t such beauty

be cherished . . . recognized

by all those who love and serve Christ?


Whose we are should be much more attractive

than the way we appear on the outside.

Godly husbands, please look at your wives in this way . . .

and bless the Beauty that lives inside.






A little girl, just 10 years old, sits so quietly

in the last pew of the local Catholic church.

She had just played the organ for the 7:00 a.m. mass

and in one hour another mass would be played by her.

In the meantime, though, she sits alone in the building

and as she looks up at the cross above the altar,

she feels the love of Jesus and she talks to Him ~

she knows He died for her and that He loves her.

Too young to know the meaning of false doctrines

or the formal way to say the “sinner’s prayer”,

the need to have an altar call or study the “Roman Road”;

she just knows she really loves him and He loves her.

Now that she is older, she’s learned so much, much more

on what it means to really be a Christian ~

the things you need to do, the things you need to know,

the strictly faith-filled words you only say,

the prayer meetings and conferences, the places you should go,

the proper way to minister and the most powerful way to pray.

But sometimes when she recalls that childhood moment

when her faith was based on “I love Him and He loves me”,

it seems perhaps that’s what He meant when He told us

“Come. My burden’s light and my yoke is easy.”

Yes –

sometimes I wish I didn’t know now

the things that I didn’t know then.

It was easier.

It was simpler.

A childlike faith.

Jesus ~ my best friend.






I’m living beyond just existing

because each day is a new beginning

to give my life away for Jesus Christ.

You see, when I woke up this morning

on this planet instead of in glory,

it is He who gave me one more day of life.


It isn’t just a coincidence,

healthy living or the genes from my parents;

it’s because He isn’t done with me here yet.

He has a plan for me this day

to bring Him glory in some way;

it’s the only reason why I still have breath.


So I’m living beyond just existing

with eyes open so I will not be missing

all the things He has in store for me today.

It’s my choice to walk in a plan divine

or waste the day away, biding my time.

I will choose to live for Him and hear Him say


“Well done, good and faithful servant”

 to me someday.






I’m living the life but waiting for the real thing,

’cause this is just a shadow of what lies ahead for me.

When I gave my life to Jesus, when I confessed and I believed,

it was a moment on earth in exchange for eternity.


When I share the truth of Jesus with the one who’s lost,

it’s a moment of obedience (should he receive or not),

a moment when I’ll speak the truth and won’t be mealy-mouthed,

a moment on earth in exchange for a heavenly crown.


Living the life, I’m living moment by moment.

Living the life, expecting the real thing,

’cause this life is just a shadow of the things that are to be;

a few moments on earth for endless zillions with my King.






Another divine appointment,

I shrug it off as unimportant,

forgetting life is short and growing shorter.

Gliding through my God-given day,

choosing to do things my own way;

Kingdom plans and purposes are thwarted.


A time waster, I waste so much time;

time assigned for His glory, not mine.

My life’s been designed

with a purpose divine –

not just for eternity,

but for this moment in time.


Suddenly convicted of my selfish ways,

the passage of many appointment-filled days,

pregnant with possibility,

I threw them away

not realizing my place in His plan.


So from now on,

for what’s left of this season,

I will keep each appointment He assigns.

If for no other reason

than I want to please Him,

my time will no longer be mine.






“If you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9


What does it really mean to me

when I say that Jesus is Lord?

I understand the meaning of Savior,

but do I grasp the meaning of “Lord”?

The Hebrew word for Lord is adonai:

“One possessed of absolute control –

a master of slaves, a ruler of subjects.”

Devoted slave is to be my role.

To be a slave – what does it mean?

I own nothing. He owns everything.

My family, job, car, home, talents and time,

my life – every bit of it – belongs to Him.

I have no say over anything;

He’s in control of every part of my life.

Decisions are not mine to be made on my own;

selfish desires cannot be gratified.

Wholly submitted to do His will,

I follow every jot and tittle of His Word.

I obey His commands. I’m His servant alone,

and if I’m not, then He isn’t my Lord.

But because I know my Master loves me

and He’s adopted this slave as His child,

it’s easy to surrender, to serve Him, to trust Him.

It is good to give Him all of my life.






It was one of those rare, precious moments.

I’d done nothing at all to deserve it.

Jesus was just so lovingly present

in my Saturday morn.


I had such a peaceful contentment.

He was so close; it was as if I could touch Him,

though I was simply just running an errand

to the grocery store.


With a joyful heart, I parked my car

and walked with a smile to the market’s front door,

where a group of people, at least 15 or more,

were impeded from entering the store


by a line of carts, sideways, 18-feet long,

positioned that way by an employee with Down’s.

The handicapped boy smiled and waved at the crowd,

totally oblivious to the frowns and the scowls.


He scratched his head, then maneuvered the carts slowly,

clearing the door finally after much pushing and pulling,

and there as I watched him, a floodgate began opening,

as my heart broke with love for this child.


Not done with me yet, God knew what was in store

as I pushed my cart quietly through the front door.

Along several aisles He had placed several more

who would reach out and touch my heart.


The old woman before me, feebly pushing her cart,

the clerk’s story about Johnny and the operation on his heart,

the man in the parking lot needing help with his car,

my heart broke with His love for each one.


Moved by the Father to be moved by them,

the peace that I had, replaced by compassion.

God’s presence that morn, I thus understood then

was preparation to pray for His children.


Moved by God to be moved by them.






Microscopic in my outlook,

I function within the confines of what I see.

The day’s events, my family, a few friends,

are basically the things that interest me.

It’s MY story, after all, which I am living

and it holds first place in everything do;

but as I focus solely on my own little story,

I ignore the fact that others have one too.


Too self-absorbed to listen,

too self-focused to see

that others might have a story

whose ending depends upon me.

The woman at the store, the family next door,

each and every one has his own story,

and if Jesus isn’t in it, then it needs to be rewritten,

and perhaps the one to help them should be me.


Because HE really is my story,

isn’t He?






I am not a perfect person.

I’m not always full of faith,

not always holy; not always pure;

I sometimes fall as I run this race.

I am not full of wisdom.

I am not steadily strong.

My choices are not always right;

sometimes they’re simply wrong.

I am not always loving.

I am not always humble . . .

or forgiving or encouraging or merciful.

I stand, but occasionally I stumble.

And so I’m thankful for His forgiveness;

I’m so thankful for His mercy.

I’m thankful I Am is all I am not

and that through Him, I still can be.






I just don’t want to do it,

it seems so inconvenient,

but when the Father asks, I’ll submit,

stubborn flesh . . . I’ll crucify it,

whether a simple or vast commitment,

to the size of the “ask” I’m indifferent,

to every call I must be obedient


if He’s truly my Lord.






An old woman is alone and impoverished,

since her husband passed away not long ago.

Though they never had too much, it was always just enough;

but now she’s left to manage on her own.


With no insurance, no savings, no possessions;

she takes in laundry every week and just gets by.

But at the end of the week, at the church down the street,

she gladly gives an offering and her tithe.


A young woman is molested by a stranger,

an innocent victim of a cold and calloused rape,

yet turns away from all her anger and forgives her cruel attacker,

even though she’s learned a baby’s on the way.


She had just received a scholarship to college

and this, for her, had been a dream come true.

And though many try to tell her that abortion is the answer,

she postpones her plans to see the pregnancy through.


A young executive, with a wife and children,

quickly climbs the corporate ladder of success.

He completes his higher learning and will very soon be earning

more than enough to give his family all the best.


But he hears the call to be a missionary,

so he foregoes success and sells all that he has.

With just a few necessities, he and his precious family

move to a village in a poor and distant land.


The world would say these people must have lost their minds,

and from a human point-of-view, they would be right.

For this goes beyond what’s common, even far beyond what’s human;

these are those who have put on the mind of Christ.


It’s all about boundless love,

it’s about grace from above,

it’s about walking in humility.

It’s about crucifying flesh,

it’s about giving God your best,

it’s about the Kingdom and eternity!


Oh, Jesus, won’t you put your mind in me?




ON THE JOB . . .


“There are differences of ministries, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of activities, but it is the same God who works all in all. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all.” (I Corinthians 12:5-7)


Working men

and working women,

your job is not your occupation;

it’s an assignment

designed by your Father

to lead many

to eternal salvation.

The paychecks you earn

and the titles you gain

are by-products

of a higher purpose.

Every customer,


and supplier

you meet

has been placed in your path

to meet Jesus . . .

for salvation,






and love.

Divine appointments

with no coincidence.

He has scheduled

for you




The presence of God

within you – always resident!

With great power

comes great responsibility.

Your assignment . . .

and whether

you will choose to accept it . . .

will impact

all you meet

for eternity.






I take all of my direction from the only One who matters;

THE perfect source of knowledge, for me there is no other;

the One who holds all truth – His name is also Wisdom.

He’s the only one to whom I choose to listen.


So, direct me by Your Spirit, Lord. Direct me by Your Hand –

a ONE-on-one ministry where I’m living by Your plan.

I don’t need man’s approval or rigid authority.

I need You, Holy Spirit. It’s Your counsel that I seek.


You alone are guiding those who live to seek Your face.

You’re taking us on a holier walk and to a deeper place

that isn’t for the praise of man or to build our earthly thrones.

It’s all about Your Kingdom, Lord; Your purposes alone!


A new day is dawning and the harvest is at hand;

You alone will guide the ones who are walking in Your plan –

a deeper, holier walk with You, a walk on Your highway.

Directed by Your righteousness, we will listen. We’ll obey.






Family members . . .

friends . . .

or strangers . . .


when I look at you,

I only want to see you

through the eyes of Jesus.


I want to feel His love and passion for you,

know His plan and purpose for you,

extend His mercy and grace to you


when I see you,

I want to love you

with the love of Jesus.






I have called you to a specific work –

you have heard my voice and obeyed.

Adversity and resistance come from different camps,

but stand firm and press on in My Name.


Have no concern about the opinions of men;

instead, hear My voice, heed My call.

Approved by Me to go forth in My Name –

live not to please men, but please God.


And as you do, I will give to you

everything that you possibly need

to continue in the work I’ve called you to –

I will bless those who choose to please Me.


– I will do the very thing you have asked, because I am pleased with you. [Exodus 33:17]


– If the LORD is pleased with us, he will lead us into the land, a land flowing with milk and honey, and will give it to us. [Numbers 14:8]


– To the man who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness. [Ecclesiastes 2:26]


– I know that you are pleased with me, for my enemy does not triumph over me.  [Psalm 41:11]


– We have confidence before God and receive from him anything we ask, because we obey his commands and do what pleases him. [1John 3:22]







I know Who’s I am

and I know where I’m going,

so everything else is secondary . . .

the expectations of man,

tasks, assignments, demands,

are temporary . . .


all so temporary . . .


fairly unimportant

in the whole scheme of things,

I’m on temporary assignment . . .

a spiritual being

doing the best that I can

through the grace of His hand,

and I keep smiling

because . . .


He loves me.






Motorcyclists with a mission plot their journey,

and, in Jesus, they mount up with one accord

to soar forward as upon the wings of eagles . . .

a ride that will glorify the Name of the Lord.


Waves of color flow like rainbows as they pass by;

glints of chrome flicker brightly in the sun.

Neighbors watch the procession with great curiosity

and wonder what has prompted such a run.


The lines of the highway mesh together in a blur,

the air rushes past on every side,

the engines hum approval . . . the tires sing a song;

salvation is the purpose of this ride!


The gospel is their fuel, the joy of the Lord, their strength,

and before them miles of roadway lay unfurled.

Their headlights pierce the darkness of the paths that lie ahead,

as they shine the Light of Jesus to the world.


Time is of the essence and they sense the urgency

to press onward with the message of the Truth.

Many miles have now been traveled; many more are yet to come,

and until the Lord returns, they’ll not be through.


Riding with a purpose, they are riding for the Son,

and the leader of their ride is Jesus Christ.

They travel many highways to the hurting and the lost

so that they may lead men to the Path of Life!






I’ve been basking in the love of Jesus;

in His light I’ll never grow tired.

Yes, I’ve got a permanent Sonburn

and I’m filled with Holy Ghost fire!


There ain’t no remedy can soothe it.

Hey, Satan, isn’t that just a shame?

Yes, I’ve got a good case of Sonburn –

the kind that removes all my pain!


My friends become so very perplexed

when I’m radiant, yet faced with bad times.

They don’t understand, I’ve got Sonburn!

On cloudy days, Christ’s light still shines!


Don’t need a blanket or a nice day,

for I’m warmed by the light of His love;

filled with the fire of His Spirit.

Shine on me, Jesus, shine on!






Bombarded by headlines and news reports

of gay marriages, gay high schools, gay ministers,

with comments by clergy that God’s doing a new thing,

as they tickle the ears of their listeners,

I’m overwhelmed with nausea and gut-wrenching grief –

how I long to be removed from the lot of it;

as I groan for the coming of my Savior and Lord,

my ear strains for the sound of a trumpet.







stand strong

when all around is chaos

when Truth is watered down

when what is wrong is proclaimed right

and right is proclaimed wrong

when shrill deceptive voices

would want your voice to drown

proclaim God’s Truth with power

speak forth

speak out

speak loud

absolute Truth

the only Truth

stand firm on holy ground

refuse words of deception

lies of a dying crowd

and stand

stand strong in Truth

it’s all that will remain

when all the rest is gone


Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.

No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6






Who’s the master of your destiny?

I’d fall short if it were left up to me!

Things attained and titles won

can’t be traded when it’s all said and done.


My destiny rests in One much greater than me.


My destiny lies beyond this life I see –

the here and now – so very temporary!

But when my life on earth is through,

what will I have to look forward to?


My destiny rests in One much greater than me.


His name is Jesus.

He gave His life for me.

And because He did,

my destiny

is to be with Him for eternity.


His name is Jesus.

And He’s my Master.

And because He is,

nothing else will master me

while I’m living here!





 (A Life Lesson)


Five o’clock – straight up, and out the door –

it’s the end of a working day;

the Lord gave me this job three months ago,

and though thankful, I just have to say

the commute is a fright, especially at night,

bumper-to-bumper for 32 miles –

a 60-minute drive of flashing tail lights,

stop and start, stop and start, all the while!

Last night as I pulled from the parking lot

to endure another session on the road,

I sighed with self-pity, and the Lord said to me,

“There’s a lesson in the long drive home.

You roll along smoothly for a mile or two,

traffic snarls . . . then you’re forced to slow;

you may stop, but you never go backwards . . .

and yet you still are headed for home.

But, what will you do with the time given you

as you sit in the face of delay?

Will you react with frustration, intense irritation,

to the roadblocks that get in your way?

The obstacles you see were permitted by me.

It’s a precious time, child; use it wisely.

Worship me, make petition, talk to me or just listen.

The journey’s easier when you share it with me.

And at the end of the road

when you finally reach home

and you know you can call it a day,

peace and joy will be yours

as you walk through the door.

It’s dinnertime! A banquet awaits!






Just when I think I’ve written my last poem,

the words start to flow again . . .

so I keep my ears open, my hand poised, my pen loaded,

because God isn’t through with me yet.


God isn’t through with me yet . . .

and God isn’t through with you yet.

Did you wake up this morning on a planet still turning?

Then God isn’t through with you yet!


You may have been thinking

you’ve completed all your tasks . . .

but as long as you are breathing,

there is more from you He’ll ask . . .

so keep yourself available

with ready eyes and ears and hands . . .


because God isn’t through with you yet!









Just last year I was thin and toned,

wrinkle-free, bright-eyed and perky;

this year, though, I crossed an invisible line

into blurry eyes and the skin-tone of a turkey.

It seems no amount of exercise,

wrinkle cream, or dieting makes a dent.

My body is revolting and I’ve quickly recognized

there’s not a single thing I can do about it.

I never thought it would go this far,

I never thought I’d see the day

when the blondes would be outnumbered

by multitudes of coarse silver gray.

Time marches on; there’s no stopping it;

on the outside I’m a rose quickly fading,

the shell of this woman is deteriorating,

but the spirit within is not aging

and I find that knowledge invigorating

that trapped within this body of flesh

is an ageless, eternal spirit

that will someday move on to the best.

So every wrinkle, every dimple, every silver hair

only serves to make me smile;

they’re exciting reminders of what lies ahead,

living forever with my Savior, Jesus Christ!





(Psalm 101)


I will sing of Your loving kindness

and walk a blameless path.

I need your help, Lord, especially at home

where I truly long to act


with the kindness and love You’ve taught me;

low and vulgar things I’ll abhor.

Help me avoid all dishonesty;

yes, I reject all these things and more.


Every evil will I push away;

selfishness will be cast from my life.

I’ll not tolerate slander of anyone,

nor permit conceit and pride.


I will honor those who love my Lord,

whose goodness they constantly defend.

I’ll warmly invite them into my home

and proudly call them my friends.


But, I will not allow those who deceive and lie

to have any influence on me.

My task will be to ferret these out;

from their grip I will keep myself free.






I’ll remember my Creator in the days of my youth,

before evil days and final years draw near

when the sun and light, moon and stars are darkened.

Today’s the day – and there’s a reason I am here.


What’s it all about? What is it all about?

It’s about Jesus and the glory of His name

in every situation, every single conversation,

every second, every minute, every day.


Tick tock . . . tick tock . . .tick tock . . . tick tock . . .

thousands of seconds pass away in just a flash . . .

time stands still for no one and soon I will be gone.

Will I waste it, Lord, or do what You have asked?


What’s it all about? What is it all about?

It’s about Jesus and the glory of His name

in every situation, every single conversation,

I must glorify the Lord.  Today’s the day.


What will life be like for us tomorrow?

Just a vapor that appears then slips away.

Time is much too short to be waiting . . . contemplating.

Let us live to bring you glory, Lord, today.






(What’s My Line? was one of the longest running network game shows, spanning over 17 years.  The game format, which never changed, consisted of four celebrity panelists who attempted to guess the invention or occupation of a secret contestant.)


So many people

with so many talents,

unique, diverse, amazing . . .

walking the earth

and living their lives . . .

God-given gifts in the making.

To sing with the voice of an angel,

or dance as if prancing on air,

to write with great power and persuasion,

or nurture with compassion and care,

to paint pictures of breathtaking beauty,

or design structures of magnificence,

to invent tools or methods never before known,

or speak forth with great eloquence,

to administer healing to body and mind,

or organize with quickness and ease;

so many talents, so many gifts,

so many more than just these.

So what’s your line and how are you using it?

Once you know, may you understand

your talents are not for your benefit.

Your life has a purpose and plan

to bring glory to the One who created it,

to the One who provided your gifts.

Use them to minister to others,

and use them to bring glory to Him.


What’s your line?


The bottom-line is . . .


you’re a servant.






Someday my spirit will leave behind

the things I’ve always known.

There’ll be no one here who’ll go with me.

It’s an experience I’ll face alone.


As I make this strange transition,

Will things grow dim then suddenly bright?

Will my spirit float as if on air,

Or will it move at the speed of light?


Will someone meet me half-way there

and take my outstretched hand

to lead me through the gate of heaven

into the promised land?


While my mind cannot quite fathom

What it is that lies ahead,

I know Jesus Christ will be there

so it’s nothing that I dread.


No, it really doesn’t matter how I leave,

nor what I’ll see along the way.

It’s the one I’ll meet on my arrival
that gives me hope today.






Lord, I want to be a help,

not a hindrance;

a blessing at all times,

never a curse;

to speak forth

words of life

even when

I’m faced with strife;

to be the better man

since the Better Man

lives in me.





–Cheri Henderson,



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