Without You I was dying, with You I have life.

Without You I was empty, with You I’m satisfied.

Without You I had worry, with You I have peace.

Without You I was bound in chains, with You I am set free.


From death to life,

worry to peace,

fear to courage,

chained to free.

From weakness to strength,

doubt to confidence,

sorrow to joy,

guilt to righteousness.


Deficient alone,

sufficient in Him,

higher than the angels,

from servant to friend.

Saved by His grace,

washed in His blood,

outcast to priest,

cursed to beloved.


Without You I stumble in darkness, with You I dance in the light.

In You I’m more than a conqueror; You’ve already won the fight!

Without You I am defeated, with You I have victory.

Without You I am nothing, with You I’m everything!






Atheism, Humanism, Spirit Channeling,

Reincarnation, Scientology, and Zen;

mass confusion exists and the truth is ignored

as men live by the doctrines of men.


The perpetrators gloat with their knowledge of “life”

as the souls of their followers die.

They proclaim they have all the right answers,

but they’re living and breathing a lie.


They state with authority that the Christian belief

is a concept not applicable to today;

that Christians are “right wing” fanatics,

who live in an outdated way.


But in the end absolute truth will be known

and there will be no more cause for debate,

as every man stands before Jesus the Christ;

some will recognize the truth much too late.


Yes, the time will arrive, and it’s not very far,

when the Lord Jesus Christ comes to call

and those who believed in men’s doctrines will see,

the “right wing” was right after all!






Enemies of the Lord


by the Enemy of their souls

with haughty arrogance

they wield their swords

of self-promotion . . .


pocket-lining, anti-Christian zealots

with self-elevating agendas

they do not realize God’s agenda

is for their salvation . . .


as vicious propaganda

spews forth from their marionette mouths

like putrid vomit from the decaying bowels

of Satan . . .


they attempt to silence absolute Truth

1st Amendment free speech is never an issue

because their communist mission is to forever mute

any message about Jesus Christ . . .


but . . .


the Truth is not negated

by an absence of belief

Its Power

is not diminished

by the voice of the majority

It remains forever steadfast


by the devices of men

It cannot be silenced

It will be forever

what it always


has been . . .


The Truth


Yes, the time will arrive

and it’s not very far

when the Lord Jesus Christ

comes to call

and those who believed

in false doctrines will see

that the Truth

is the Truth after all

In the end

the absolute Truth will be known

and there’ll be no more cause for debate

as every man kneels

before Jesus the Christ;

some will recognize

the Truth

much too late.


At the name of Jesus EVERY knee shall bow, of those in heaven and on the earth and under the earth, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father. — Phillippians 2:10-11






He makes the delicate inner parts,

a tiny creation He forms.

Knitting it together in woman’s womb —

a child God intends to be born.


Present in utter seclusion,

He presides as the child quickly grows.

The color of its eyes, each day of its life

are things the Lord already knows.


He said, “Whoever welcomes a child,

welcomes and cares for Me.

Don’t prevent them, let them come —

let the children come to Me.”


So there are those who laugh in God’s face,

destroying the child not yet born.

“The choice is all ours”, they loudly proclaim,

and kill what belongs to the Lord . . .


They kill what belongs to the Lord.






There’s nothing more refreshing than to read the final chapter

of a long, well-written novel ending “happily ever after”.


Are happy endings only found in fairy tales and stories?

Should the endings of our lives be faced with fear and worries?


There is a long, well-written Book in which you can actually be

a part of the “happy ending”, and this is how it reads:


“Then I saw a new earth and sky, with no oceans and no seas,

for the previous earth and sky I knew were no longer meant to be.


And I saw the Holy City, called the New Jerusalem,

created by God our Father, coming down out of heaven.


Look!  The home of our God is now among all men.

They will be His people.  Yes, God will live with them!


Praise my God!  For His mighty hand will wipe every tear away.

No more death or sorrow; no crying and no pain.”


Yes, you may actually be a part of this world’s final chapter,

where your forever is guaranteed to be “happily ever after”.


For within the confines of that Book, it describes in great degree

just what it is you have to do to claim this guarantee.


Believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ, and receive eternal life.

For God loved the world so very much, He gave His only Son’s life,


so that any one who believes in Him shall not ever have to perish,

but will be freely given eternal life — a “happy ending” to be cherished!







Land of the Free

and Home of the Brave,

freedom’s only found

one way . . .


and it’s a narrow way . . .


and we can’t be brave

if we’re not free . . .

in bondage to a lie

of self-sufficiency . . .

we fear for our future

because we’re our only God . . .

we’re hauling too much baggage

to go the narrow road . . .

materialism, greed,

gluttony, pride,

a strong belief in relative truth,

we swallow every lie . . .

perverted love . . . violence . . .

children kill children and die . . .

prescriptions abound for depression

with no relief and we wonder why?



Land of the Free

and Home of the Brave,

freedom’s only found

one way . . .


and it’s a narrow way . . .


You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose the easy way. But the gateway to life is small, and the road is narrow, and only a few ever find it. (Matthew 7:13-14) Jesus said again, “I tell you the truth, I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved.” (John 10:8-9)   There is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name in all of heaven for people to call on to save them. (Acts 4:12)






The lofty ideas of carnal men

go only as high as the ceiling

(or perhaps as far as the eye can see)

a brief impact upon the earthly

they build their ideas

and change the world

so brilliant, successful, resourceful . . .

but someday they’ll die

and after a time

all they’ve made will be turned into rubble . . .


all their wood, hay and stubble . . .  will burn


then to whom shall they turn . . . for their praise?


“But the one who is rich should take pride in his low position, because he will pass away like a wild flower. For the sun rises with scorching heat and withers the plant; its blossom falls and its beauty is destroyed. In the same way, the rich man will fade away even while he goes about his business.”  James 1:10-11





– A Letter to Britney Spears & Jessica Simpson


Lost little girl, you once knew me

but you traded my love for the world.

In your darkness and despair,

call my name, child, I am there . . .

waiting for your return.

I do still love you.






In-your-face sin,


a perverse generation

endorsing fornication

right before our eyes.

Promoted to the masses

through modern technology,

a constant barrage coming at us

through the television . . .

the internet . . .

the movies.

At my computer today

I can’t get away . . .

I’m accosted continually

by a looping news item

of two famous lesbians,

smiling and kissing tenderly . . .

a visual display

saying this is okay,

it’s a new day we’re living in . . .

and if we tell you enough

and show you enough

perhaps one day you will give in . . .

or better yet . . .

we will conquer your children.

Can you see the ploy . . .

do you hear the hiss . . .

of Satan?

Innocent though it seems,

a simple picture on the screen . . .

is one more ploy

to steal, kill, destroy

you and your children.





Ephesians 4:25-32; 5:1-2


Laying aside all falsehood, speak the truth to everyone.

All anger should be overcome by the setting of the sun.


With regard to foul speech, from your mouth it should not come,

but only that which will uplift and add blessings to everyone.


The Holy Spirit of our God you should never cause to grieve

for with His seal you have been marked for that day you’ll be redeemed.


Get rid of all your bitterness, malice, bad temper, and abuse.

Be kind and forgive one another as, through Jesus Christ, God forgave you.


As His beloved children, it is God we imitate

and we live in love as Christ loved us – for us, His life He gave!






I can’t imagine going it alone . . .

living my life completely on my own . . .

thinking my existence is just happenstance . . .

my form, my being, accidentally amassed . . .

a collection of cells that briefly wanders the earth,

with no meaning, no purpose, no divine plan, no worth . . .

to occupy space, live, die and decay . . .

no plan for redemption, no saving grace . . .

no promise of anything eternal ahead . . .

but to breathe my last breath and that be the end???


Thank God there is a God

and He’s written a love letter to me!

Thank God there is a God

who He created my innermost being!

He knit me together in my mother’s womb;

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

My frame was not hidden from Him

when I was made in the secret place.

When I was woven together in the depths of the earth,

His eyes saw my unformed body.

All my days were appointed and written in His book

before one of them came to be.

Thank God there is a God

who has searched me and knows me completely;

He knows when I sit and when I rise,

and my thoughts from afar He perceives.

He hems me in – behind and before;

He has laid His hand upon me.

Wherever I go and whatever I do,

He’s there to protect and guide me.

Thank God there is a God!

Thank God He calls me friend!

Thank God He sent His only Son

that I’d be born again!

Thank God for a hope and a future . . .

a Savior, Redeemer, and King . . .

Thank God for salvation, mercy and grace,

and the promise of life without end!






broadmindedness, open-mindedness,

acceptance and lenience,

but what does that mean . . . and how can that be . . .

if we follow the teachings of Jesus,

who said

wide is the gate and broad is the road

that leads unto destruction.

Should we ignore his words to pacify the world

and disregard his truthful instruction?

When he said

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life,

no one comes to the Father but through me,

did he mean what he said or did he forget

to include Allah, Muhammad, and Gandhi?

No. He didn’t.

He said go and teach all of the nations,

baptize them in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit . . .

so this is what we do because he told us to;

we are His . . . and we will be obedient.

You see, we can’t pick and choose what we believe . . .

there are no two ways around it . . .

He is God and there is no other . . .

it’s your choice to believe or discount it.

But fear not, we are truly Christians

and as such, we walk in his Love . . .

we will not injure you, torture or kill you

if you choose not to live for the One.


Judgment comes

when your life here is done.






The recent election

is truly a reflection

of the spiritual condition of this nation.

The arrogance of conversation

spewing forth from this population

has been verdict enough for damnation.

Words, words, words

flowing forth to elicit support,

tickle the ears of the hearers

and betray the condition of our hearts.

We want what we want

and our votes tell the tale

of this country’s desire for the hour,

but the ones we’ve elected

were actually selected

by the One who is truly in power.

Put in position for His purposes

to be used according to His plan:

wicked men and women to govern

a stiff-necked and wicked land.

He sees it all . . .

He knows full well

the motives behind our votes:

the heart of this country is godless.

We will reap what we have sown.


NEW YORK (Nov. 9) AP – “From the country’s heartland, voters sent strong messages that altered America’s culture wars and dismayed the religious right – defending abortion rights in South Dakota, endorsing stem cell research in Missouri, and, in a national first, rejecting a same-sex marriage ban in Arizona.”


“I believe in a woman’s right to choose. I would veto any attempt to outlaw a woman’s right to choose if Roe v. Wade were overturned.” (Ted Strickland Quote, “Open Mike,” 3/3/06)


“This is an evolving situation,” said Strickland, who believes it is only a matter of time before gay marriage is widely recognized. “I absolutely believe that adults should be able to enter into legal relationships which give them the legal rights and privileges that are usually associated with the marriage relationship,” he said. (Paul M. Krawzak, Copley News Service, 7/14/04)


“No, I don’t think America was founded as a Christian nation.”  (Ted Strickland Quote, The Columbus Dispatch, “Church and Statehouse”, 7/23/06)






“Learn a lesson from the fig tree . . . when you observe all these things, you know that He is so near, that He is at the door.”  Matt. 24:32-33


Men walk together hand-in-hand,

sexual preference on display.

condoned and accepted by society

and we die because of AIDS.

Children bearing children

or not bearing them at all,

since killing unborn babies

is now allowed by law.

Famines overtake our lands

and the world units with aid;

as the food sits rotting on the dock,

thousands starved to death today.

Before Christ left, he told us

that he would come again,

though no one but the Father

would know exactly when;

yet he said there would be many signs;

and the birth pangs become stronger.

We see these things and realize

it cannot be much longer.

Yes, we watch the fig tree’s branches

as they become green and tender.

We see the signs and, thus, we know

that it will soon be summer.

Oh, God, our world – it is not well.

please intervene and free us.

The trees are budding; the signs are there.

Dear Father, send back Jesus!






A little rhyme

about yours and mine

and I hope you’ll pay attention . . .

though my words disagree

with the things you believe,

it’s my right to speak forth freely in this nation.


Though my words may quite offend you,

get a spine and speak your mind ~

it’s freedom that makes this Country tried and true . . .

but if you take away my rights

to freely speak my mind,

one day someone else will surely muzzle you




impeding First Amendment rights

is a dangerous, slippery slope . . .

if you remove my right to speak,

you will one day lose your own

when you offend another

with an intolerant, insensitive word,

your right to speak will quickly cease

as you fall on your own sword.


–Cheri Henderson,


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