Let everything that has breath praise You, Lord,

for every breath we breathe is a gift from You.

With every breath I breathe, may my praises never cease!

Let my breath bring words that only glorify You!


This breath is Yours, oh Lord; be exalted!

This breath is Yours; be high and lifted up!

This breath is Yours, my Lord; be honored!

This breath is Yours; I breathe it for Your worship!


With this breath, I cry out to You, “have mercy.”

With this breath, I whisper, “You are the great I Am.”

With this breath, I shout, “Hallelujah to my Savior!”

With this breath, I declare for You I’ll always stand!


You’ve give me this breath, now I give it back to You,

as my heart explodes with love for all You are.

You’re my delight, my love, my life, my heart’s true passion.

Now breathe on me, Lord, and fill my heart with fire!


Breathe on me, Lord, with resurrection power!

Breathe on me, Lord, with Your mercy and Your grace!

Breathe on me, Lord, and revive my heart this hour!

Breathe on me, Lord, give me strength to run this race!


When I breathe my words of love and praise to You,

You breathe Your words of love and strength to me.

With every breath I have, I’ll forever praise You;

as long as there is one single breath within me!






Bodies offered as a living sacrifice,

to be holy and pleasing unto God,

conforming no longer to the ways of the world,

changed by the renewing of our minds;

able to test and to prove God’s will –

what is good and pleasing and perfect –

moment-by-moment submission to Him;

we do it . . . and as we do it, it is worship.


The Maestro lightly taps his wand

and the orchestra takes its position.

He lifts his wand; the orders go forth

and a symphony of worship begins.

The submitted sounds of living sacrifices

arise to blend in a spiritual concerto.

Different instruments combine to form a beautiful song,

written and conducted by the Great Maestro.


God’s will for one is to speak the word

and I can hear a spiritual trumpet.

As another is called to intercede,

I hear the sound of a mighty drumbeat.

A mother cries out for her wayward son

and the oboe mournfully plays,

while another lays hands upon the sick

to a violin’s soft, sweet refrain.

The heavenly sound of a beautiful harp

flows forth as one bows at His feet,

and to the joyful sound of a lilting flute,

one prays freedom and a captive’s set free.


The music builds and the sound grows louder,

and the symphony intensifies

as hundreds of instruments become millions;

living sacrifices – multiplied.

And as the music reaches a crescendo

a trumpet blast will pierce through the air –

the instrumental end to this concert of praise;

an eternal symphony awaits us up there.






Where can I flee from Your presence?

Where can I go from Your Spirit?

Everywhere I am, You are,

surrounding me . . .

though sometimes I seem to forget it.

You hem me in-behind and before;

You lay Your hand upon me.

And in those precious moments

when Your presence becomes real,

I look up,

and You bend down to kiss me.






I am here to meet with You, to honor You, to love You.

I just want to spend some time with You right now.

I want nothing from You, but to simply have You near me

I need nothing from You – but You – right here, right now.

You don’t have to say a word; I’ll do the talking;

just let me gaze upon Your beauty as I speak.

With nothing to distract me, I lay everything aside;

to tell You all the precious things You are to me.

You’re delightful! You are beautiful! You are magnificent!

You’re my life, my love, the reason for my being!

There is no one in the world who can thrill me like You do.

You’re my darling.  You’re my hero.  You’re my King!

You’re so awesome and so wonderful; it overwhelms me!

You’re so wise, so loving, so perfect in every way!

Oh, that I could bless You the way You’re always blessing me!

I love You so much, Jesus! How can I possibly even say?

Earthly words do such injustice to the passion I have for You!

None exist that describe what I feel deep down inside –

my appreciation, my thankfulness! Oh, Lord, You know, don’t You?

Ohhhhhhh, sweet Savior!  You gave me Your life.  I give you mine.






With lights blazing, speakers blaring,

the musicians take the stage,

and a roar fills the arena

as the audience shouts its praise.

With hands uplifted, they sing and dance,

and then the concert ends.

The musician leaves with a smile on his face

and their money in his hands.


I was born to worship Jesus!  

To worship Him alone!

The source of all light, with fire in His eyes!  

He IS the only light show!

With the voice of many waters,

and the sound of mighty thunderings,

this concert of praise will never end!  

Forever, His praise I’ll be singing!


Stadiums and soccer fields

are filled with screaming fans;

excited and elated,

they shout, and clap their hands.

But let the ref just miss a foul

or make a dumb mistake,

and praises become curses,

their joy turns into hate.


I was born to worship Jesus!  

My source of joy and peace!

Forget the rock stars and the sports teams

and the over-paid athletes!

None of them would die for me

and give me heaven for eternity!

None of these can love me

like my Jesus!


Ruler of the Nations,

let Your kingdom come!

Worship alone belongs to You

who sits upon the throne!

I don’t want to waste my praise

on vain accomplishments of men!

Jesus alone is the reason I live!  

Let my praises go to Him!






I’ve been blessed with another vacation

and realize as I walk by the sea,

though hundreds of miles away from home,

my Best Friend has accompanied me.


If I were to take the wings of dawn

and dwell in the most remote sea,

even there would be His loving hand

to guide and protect me.


Oh, Jesus, You never leave my side

and to Your Father we give joyous praise,

as we walk together on Your sandy beach,

looking out o’er your sparkling waves.


Oh, Lord, how immeasurable are Your works;

in wisdom, You have made them all!

Yonder is the sea, vast and broad;

holding creatures both large and small.


There, ships sail and mammals play,

and to all You provide every need.

May the glory of the Lord be forever;

with His works may He truly be pleased!


Let the sea in all of its vastness

give praise in a thunderous roar!

Above the sound of the breakers,

on high, stands my supreme Lord!






Just a moment or two alone with You

in the midst of a busy day

when we slip away

to our secret place,

it is there that I want to stay.

But I know You’ve called me to do this work,

so in obedience I return to the task

and although for awhile

I can’t sit at Your feet,

I’m content as You hold my hand.






With fire in His eyes

and a sword in His hand,

our Lord will soon be coming,

so here we stand!


We’re waiting for you, Jesus!

Come, Lord Jesus, come!


Our hearts are filled with longing,

and we’re looking to the east.

Is that a trumpet sound we hear?

Oh, come, Lord Jesus, please!


We’re waiting for you, Jesus!

Come, Lord Jesus come!


For we know that soon and very soon,

we’ll have to wait no more!

With the blast of a trumpet, the twinkle of an eye,

we’ll rise to meet our Lord!


How much longer, Father,

’til you send him back again?

We’re waiting for our Jesus!

Oh, Lord Jesus, come again!






Why does it seem

there are so many times

I’m found in the desert place

where I severely thirst,

and become dry as the dust . . .

while the remedy

is as close as my face?


My Oasis in the desert . . .

a remedy for the strength to climb out

from that place of death

into Life once again . . .

is to bow down,

to bow down


and worship You.


I must

worship you to live;


when I worship You,

You give

living water to my soul.

And it really is my choice

to go to the desert place

and there forever remain

if I won’t.


I live to worship You, Lord.

I live to worship You.


I worship You to live.






As the vocalists harmonize

and the instruments play,

you enter right in

with your worship and praise.

You feel your heart soften

and soon the Spirit-led song

becomes a One-on-one moment

as you sing your love song

to the King right before you,

no one else in the room,

caught up in His presence

where it’s only Jesus and you,

and just as you reach out

to touch His sweet face,

the vocalists stop singing,

music no longer plays

and the microphone crackles

as you hear a voice sound,

saying “Amen. Yessssss. Praise God.

You may all sit down.”

Seated with sadness,

another Voice speaks,

“DON’T STOP, my darling.



worship me.

Instruments need not play

and voices need not sing

to bring you to my presence . . .



I never leave.”






7 years of waiting . . . worshipping . . . praying . . .

and longing with expectancy to see You move

the way You’ve moved in other cities —

I hear the reports, but never see,

still I know the fault does not belong with You.


Frustrated, saddened, I wait . . . I worship . . . I pray —

I hear another report that a friend has died from cancer,

while another is healed by a “new age” quack —

where’s the glory for my Lord in that?

I cannot say for I do not have an answer.


But this I know. I love You, Lord, with all my being

and the reason You created me was to worship You.

I love You and You love me —

and that’s quite good enough for me,

and as I walk obediently,

I’ll leave the rest to You.






While there may be things I waiver on,

I know with certainty —

my Lord is near, my Lord is here.

He’s always here with me!


I know that you are here, Lord,

though my human eyes can’t see.

And, while you haven’t earthly hands,

I feel you touching me.


There are those who haven’t met you,

so your voice they cannot hear.

Yet, I know that you are near, Lord,

as you whisper in my ear.


Your words provide direction.

I feel the warmth of your embrace.

You’re sometimes so very close to me,

I can almost see your face.


Some people say I’m foolish;

it’s a delusion of my mind.

And, as you stand beside me,

I just look at them and smile!


Jesus Christ is right here with me

for His Spirit assures me so.

It’s not a feeling or intuition;

it’s just something that I know!






I’m in bondage to no religion, nor any man,

but instead I am a slave to Jesus Christ.

I come into the sanctuary every chance I can,

for it is there that I, in Him, am most revived!


This is a place where more than two are gathered,

so He’s standing here among us — SHOUT His welcome!

His angels surround us and our enemies are scattered!

I dare not sit and silently ignore Him!


Let the ones He’s saved proclaim what they believe!

If we truly love Him, let us stand up on our feet

and lift our hands toward heaven to the One who set us free!

He is worthy!  He is worthy!  He is worthy!


I will gladly join in joyful celebration

with others who feel the same about my Lord;

where united voices shout in adoration,

“He is Lord!  He is Lord!  He’s my Lord!”


For He has saved my soul from the very pit of hell!

He suffered, bled and died — all just for me!

How can I ignore that?  How can I sit still?

Let me praise Him now as I’ll praise Him for eternity!


Let the ones He’s saved proclaim what they believe!

If we truly love Him, let us stand up on our feet

and lift our hands toward heaven to the One who set us free!

He is worthy!  He is worthy!  He is worthy!






To the one who can sing with a voice that melts hearts . . .

the one who leads countries into peace and ends wars . . .

the one who finds cures for the most horrific disease . . .

the one who is athletic with world records achieved . . .

the one who has written the world’s most treasured books . . .

the one with great stature and astonishing good looks . . .

the one who orates with charisma and power . . .

the one who gives all to the need of the hour . . .

monuments will be built and awards will abound,

stadiums will be filled with adoring, great crowds;

they’ll cheer and applaud, giving honor and glory,

but when the honored ones die, they’ll be dead. End of story –

to be replaced by a new, living hero of the day

as their legacy fades and their bodies decay.

Temporary heroes on a temporary globe

will never compare to the Hero I know,

who instills every gift that makes lowly men recognized;

the One who should be worshipped, applauded and glorified.

He is Jesus. He is God. He’s each hero’s Creator.

He’s my Healer, my Comforter, Provider, and Shelter.

He’s my Savior. My Deliverer. He is my closest Friend.

For me there is no Hero except I AM.






He is the blessed and only Ruler,

the King of kings and Lord of lords.

His dominion is everlasting

and it will never be destroyed.


He is holy and magnificent.

He is God; there is no other.

With one word He created the universe,

and yet I can call Him Father.


From His throne come flashes of lightning,

sounds of rumbling, peals of thunder.

A brilliant light surrounds Him

and His throne is flaming fire.


A face that would kill me if I saw it,

a holy God with eyes of fire;

the palm of His hand spans the universe,

and yet I can call Him Father.


Yes, here I stand . . . just a man . . .

some flesh, a few minerals, some water.

Yet how great is the love God has for me

that He’d let me call Him Father.






When I can only imagine

what it will be like

to stand in Your presence,

it always make me cry.

The thought’s overwhelming,

but it’s not what brings the tears –

it’s that I can only imagine . . .

and, for now, must stay right here,

in this desperate place,

longing to see Your face,

but with every breath I take,

I am one breath closer to You,

and what I’ve only imagined

will someday truly happen!

Let nothing keep me from

that place with You.

It’s not heaven I’m longing for, Lord,

it is YOU.






When I was young,

I used to climb up on my Father’s lap.

With my head against his chest,

he’d gently pat me on the back.

I’d hear the rhythm of his heart,

a safe and loving place.

I’d whisper softly “I love you”,

and he’d whisper back the same.


Nothing else quite mattered

when I sat within that place,

for the only thing before me

was his strong and loving face.

His arms around me gave me peace,

and fears would always leave.

His soothing voice and words of love

infused such strength in me.


But days became weeks and weeks became months,

and then so many years

that after awhile childlike moments were few . . .

and soon just disappeared.

The worries of life, the cares and concerns,

choked out my childlike faith

— I forgot what it was like to sit in his lap

and look upon his face.


I closed my eyes and turned my head

to the place where he always sat,

and in the spirit I could almost see him

patting at his lap,

as if to say, “Come up here, child.  

Come up here once again.

You will always be my child.  

How I long to hold you once again.”


So I will run, I will run to my Father.  

He will lift me; he will lift me once again,

to that place where it’s just two:  

my precious Father – me and you.

Holy God, you ARE

my Father AND my friend!


I love you, Lord!






What an honor!  What a glorious honor!

To be graced by Your presence, oh God!

That mere man — just a speck in the universe,

would be visited by the Creator of it all!


That You’d give a moment’s notice to me;

You’re so Magnificent, so Majestic, so Holy!

I can scarcely breathe and as I fall to my knees,

I’m overwhelmed by Your awesome Glory!


Just a worm in the presence of Deity;

in truth, I should be utterly destroyed!

Yet as Your Omnipotence fills this place,

You kiss me — and I am restored.


Here I am — so much of nothing,

and yet You’ve chosen me as Your Own.

I’m amazed, I’m speechless, I am humbled by You!

I could kneel forever before Your throne!


So I cry “Holy! Holy! Holy are you, Lord!”

You’ve touched me — now I only need You more!

I hunger for Your presence in every moment of my life!

Let me be less, Oh, Lord, and You be more!






Devoted to one for so many years,

I know his thoughts before he speaks,

his love . . . without the need

to be assured.


In that comfortable, calm, predictable place,

confident in a love that will last . . .

passionate youth, a thing of the past . . .

I’m content with life this way.


But today, when again it was me and the Lord,

unexpectedly the past became present –

an exhilarating moment! Intimate, passionate.

It was just like old times . . . I want more!


Like an eagle, my youth has been renewed.

He’s resurrected those times of the past

when before him I bowed, I worshipped, I danced.

Like a girl with a love, fresh and new.


And now I can feel him wooing me again.

Lord, how I love to be wooed by you!

So do what you do . . . you, who woos!

Woo me!!!  And I’ll dance again!






I want to be so full of You, Lord,

that there’s room for nothing more.

You, Lord.  Only You.

I want to be filled with You!


Take my heart; use me fully.

Help me live a life that’s holy.

Let everything I do

be done for You.


When I talk, be glorified, Lord!

When I walk, be glorified, Lord!

When I move,

I only want to move with You.


When I sit or when I stand,

when to the lost I extend my hand,

let it be Your hand they grasp.

Let them touch You!


For it’s in You alone I live,

and to You I freely give

every breath I breathe

for now and ever more!


I give you everything I am.

Through it all for You I’ll stand!

Let my life bring You glory!

I love You, Lord!






There’s a Bride who has made herself ready,

and she’s eager to marry her Groom.

If He hears the sound of her love songs,

will He listen and come for her soon?


So she lifts up her songs of worship,

melodies of desire for her King.

A new song of praise pours forth from her lips,

for together they soon shall be.


How wonderful He is; how He delights her!

How beautiful His eyes shine with love!

Soon He will bring her to His banquet hall,

and raise His banner over her with love!


She sings, “Let the wedding of weddings begin!”

She sings, “Let the wedding begin!”

Your Bride stands ready and she’s calling out to You,

“Please let the wedding begin!”


We’re the Bride and the King is our Bridegroom,

and the wedding of weddings draws near.

With arms outstretched towards each other —

is that a wedding song that we hear?


A song that flows from His heart to ours,

as we make our way down the aisle.

With our eyes upon Jesus, the Groom ahead,

we’ve become His spotless Bride.






I woke up this morning

and You were on my mind ~

just like last night

right before I closed my eyes.

You’re always here with me;

You put these thoughts in me

so I’ll always be reminded

as I start and end each day

to love the One I’m with . . .

as You inhabit me.





“We love because He first loved us.” I John 4:19


There’s something more to love

than multi-colored, candy hearts

and sentimental writings

on lacy parchment cards.

There’s something more to love

than rhyming verses in a song,

and there’s more to love

than those I’ve loved

my whole life long.


For I have a love

that’s unlike any other –

above my father,




or brother;

above my life-long spouse,

my little son

or daughter.


The Creator of love has given love to me.


The Creator of love reached in

and stole my human heart,

a vacant place,



cold and hard,

and replaced it with a new heart

filled with holy love and passion,

unlike anything

this valentine world

could ever think or fashion.


It’s a pure love;

it’s the holy love . . . of God.






Lord Jesus, be blessed in this place today.

Be blessed! Be blessed! Be blessed!

In my office, my home, everywhere that I go,

but especially in this temple of flesh ~


right here within me ~

let my heart, my soul, my mind

be focused on you . . . bring glory to you . . .

every thought, every word, every desire.


Lord, I’m blessed

when I’m a blessing

to you.






Oh, Jesus, when I think of all you’ve done, it overwhelms me –

your perfect love, your abundant grace, your sweet, sweet, mercy!

How could I not praise you?  You are SO worthy!

But my cumbersome body of flesh is such a hindrance to me!


I raise my arms to worship you, but they just aren’t long enough.

I loudly shout my love for you, but my voice isn’t strong enough.

I jump up –

if only I could touch you –

but gravity pulls me back again.

How I long for the day when I can praise you totally unrestrained.


Pure worship before you, day and night, always and forever . . .

Before your throne I long to stand with the four and twenty elders,

“Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord” . . .  again and again and again.

You are SO worthy!   And this, for me, will truly be my Heaven.






I’m tending my garden for Jesus;

I’m tending my garden for Him.

The gate of my garden shall never be opened

to anyone else but Him.


As His hand rests upon my garden-gate latch,

He is welcome to always come in,

to cleanse me with His myrrh and His spices,

so I’m fragrant and clean before Him.


Yes, Lord!


Come to my garden, taste the choice fruits within,

let it bloom and grow under Your hand.

Then let the north wind awake!  Come now south wind and blow!

Spread the fragrance abroad through the land!


“Awake, north wind, and come, south wind! Blow on my garden, that its fragrance may spread abroad. Let my lover come into his garden and taste its choice fruits.” Song of

Solomon 4:16






Yesterday I sang, “I need more of You,

Living Water rain down on me”,

and You answered my prayer so faithfully –

Your power and presence enveloped me,

and as I stood awestruck in the sanctuary,

You spoke to me so clearly:

“Everywhere, everyday,

in the same way seek Me –

the hungry heart is not expressed

in just a few words twice weekly.

You say you need more of Me,

and so I ask you ‘Do you really?’

Then take your hunger home

and really meet with Me.”






Psalm 42:7, Psalm 45:1, Deuteronomy 31:18-20, Psalm 40:2-4


By day the Lord directs his love; at night his song is with me,

for God, my Maker, gives songs in the night.

My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite verses to my King;

they are prayers of praise to the Author of my life.


So wake me up, Lord; let me sing into the night air.

Wake me up as my voice bursts forth in a new song!

For my tongue is the pen of a ready, skillful writer.

Sleep be gone! Lord, birth in me a holy song!


Then let the night songs stay within my memory

to become the songs I sing throughout the day.

For it’s by day that you direct your love, so use me!

Let me sing your songs of love, mercy and grace!


Then I’ll write them down and teach them to the nations

so they may be sung as a mighty witness unto you –

for You are our strength, our song; and our one salvation –

let many see and fear and trust in You!






How can one day out of an entire year

be sufficient to celebrate You?

Should “joy to the world” be only a phrase

that is sung for a week or two?


Did God come to earth in human form

and die that I might be saved,

so one day a year His worship would be tied

to the glitz of a man-made holiday?


No! Come, let us always adore Him –

with every breath that we have, every day!

He’s more than the “reason for the season” –

He created them and put them in place!


Apart from observing special days, months, and years,

I will worship my Lord with each breath –

in constant celebration of Who He Is.

Ongoing relationship ~ not traditions of men.






Horns a honking!

Dogs a barking!

TV’s blaring!

Bosses swearing!

Phones a ringing!

Muzak’s singing!

Insults stinging!

Darts a zinging!

Babies crying!

Cars backfiring!

The pressure’s rising!

I am sighing!

I can’t see him!

I can’t feel him!

I can’t hear him






And that’s why I meet with Jesus in the morning,

in the private, quiet, dawning of the day,

where I lay before his feet and I just love him,

and he tells me all the things he has to say.


In my quiet time, at the Master’s feet,

where his mercies are new every morning.

In that quiet place, at my Master’s feet,

I’m renewed as I seek him in the morning.








My undefined need, an empty void;

once real, nor memory.

My reason for life, my first love,

filled the void, erased my need.


Perfect love is what He offered;

I acknowledged it and received.

My being now thrives upon Him.

He nurtures me as rain upon flowering seed.


When He touches me in His gentle way,

tiny shivers dance ‘cross my skin.

Closing my eyes, I’m suspended in time

with no thought of anything but Him.


How I love to whisper His precious name;

it tastes so sweet upon my tongue.

A name which is like no other.

Oh, Jesus; He’s my perfect love!


Perfect love, He gives me perfect love,

and life has new meaning for me.

I shall love Him with every breath I take

and throughout eternity!






How can any sound that I make

ever equate

to the ones you create?

Rolling thunder,

crashing waves,

rustling leaves,

a gentle rain;



some whisper,

some vibrate.

Every sound,

Your own design;

to each event,

specifically assigned.

I listen, amazed

by the mixture of praise

for my Creator . . .


and I wonder . . .


are the sounds

that come forth from me

as beautiful to You as these?

If I sing a little off key

do You pause to listen to me

(and then smile)?


Lord, may my praise for You

always be pleasing!






I wish I could climb up in your lap right now, my Father,

wrap my arms around your neck and kiss your cheek,

lay my head upon your chest and hear your heart beat,

that’s how near to you, oh God, I want to be.


So I raise my hands to you.  Can I come up there?

Take my hands, Lord, pull me up to where you are.

But if I can’t, then Father, would you just come down here

and spend a little time with me right now?






No other person in history

has been written about as much as He has.

No other one has had so many songs

sung for them . . . or to them . . . as Jesus.


After thousands of years

and thousands of authors,

writing thousands of books, poems and songs . . .

how much more could be said

that hasn’t been said?

And yet fresh words continue to come.


There is no other one in all the earth

who can stir the heart like the King.

He is the reason His writers still write

and the reason His singers still sing.


How many books have been written?

How many songs have been sung?

Thousands of years have come and gone,

yet the ink still flows . . . for the One.






I stand here, Lord, before you

once again,

but this time I am here

as your dear friend.

So many times I seek you

for the things that you can do,

but this time, Lord,

what can I do for you?


I’m not in this place for blessings;

I’m not here to see you move;

I want nothing more this moment

than to bless and worship You.

Personal needs aside;

no more me, myself, and I.

Let this moment and my life

be about You.


For your good pleasure,

here am I

to be used by you.






The best thing I can do today is love You,

and it’s such a very simple thing to do ~

when I consider Your divinity

and everything You’ve done for me,

as I contemplate these things ~

How I love to love You!


The best thing I can do today is love You,

for when I love You, I can’t help but serve You too ~

and as I take the focus off of me,

I’ll become who You want me to be ~

committed to You totally!

It is good to love You!


The best thing I can do today is love You,

for when I love You . . . You love to love me too!

You said You love those who love and serve You ~

what a mistake it would be to refuse You!

I was created to worship You!

I live and breathe to love You!


You said:


    You shower mercy on those who love You . . .

    You will give them their heart’s desires . . .

    You’ll set them on high and deliver them . . .

    You will preserve them and fill their treasures . . .

    No eye has seen nor ear has heard,

    nor has there entered into the heart of man ~

    for those who love You ~ all the wonderful things

    that You have prepared for them!


Yes, the best thing I can do today is love You,

but it isn’t because of the things You’ll do for me.

It’s for the wonderful thing You’ve already done

when you gave for me Your only begotten Son.

For this thing alone, Lord ~

it’s my joy to love You!






The more of You I get, Lord, the more of You I want,

for I’ve tasted and discovered You are very good.

The longing of my heart for You so absorbs my being,

I would leave this earth to be with You if I could.


No words describe the joy I’ve found from really knowing You;

I groan as I give voice to my overwhelming awe.

You are my greatest reality, my passion, my life;

from the depths of my soul I cry “Abba, Father, God!”


That You would be one with me and I would be one with You –

these are the things I need and truly long for.

There is nothing this world offers that fulfills me like You do.

For me to live is You and nothing more.


As I worship You in the sanctuary, I’m surrounded by family,

yet it often seems You’re the only one in the room.

I love You so much, Lord, Your presence overwhelms me.

I’m your devoted bride and You’re my loving groom.


The one who knows me best, loves me the most;

and while I used to just consider Him a friend,

the Creator of the universe has become the center of my world.

Let me praise Him ’til my life on earth is spent


then face-to-face I’ll praise Him once again!






Take my hand, come dance across the room.

You’re my lovely Bride, I’m your soon coming Groom.

Won’t you take my hand? Let’s dance the night away,

for I love you.


Please come with me, let’s dance the night away.

I will set you free so you can truly say

you’re my spotless Bride, you’re living your life

all for me.


Yes! I love you, Lord!  And I will lift my hands

to dance with you all across the land!

You set me free as you dance with me!

For you are my love, my life, and my King!






Show me how to worship you, my Jesus.

Write a song upon my heart that honors you.

Let the words flow from my lips, a pleasing melody to you.

Write a song upon my heart that honors you.


A song from you becomes a song from me:

the same song, a love song between us.

I can almost hear you sing in perfect harmony with me!

The same song, it’s our song of love!


Yes, it’s the Maestro’s Duet that I sing

as his voice joins in this song along with me.

Two voices sing with passion, sing in harmony.


I can hear the beating of his heart

in perfect rhythm with my own;

as we sing this song together,

I could sing it all day long!


Lord, the song is incomplete ’til you sing it with me!


Thank you, Lord, for filling me with your song!

The song within my heart, it comes from you!

Every word and every sound, you are the Maestro of my life!

The song is yours – I give it back to you!


A song from you becomes a song from me:

the same song, a love song between us.

I can almost hear you sing in perfect harmony with me!

The same song, it’s our song of love!


Yes, it’s the Maestro’s Duet that I sing

as his voice joins in this song along with me.

Two voices sing with passion, sing in harmony.


I can hear the beating of his heart

in perfect rhythm with my own;

as we sing this song together,

I could sing it all day long!


Lord, the song is incomplete ’til you sing it with me!






You always exceed my human expectations.

You’re full of surprises; your ways are so creative!

It’s the eleventh hour and bam! Supernatural intervention!

I just have to laugh!  Oh, Father, you’re amazing!


Why did I think this time you might not hear me?

You’ve never ceased to hear my cries before!

And like a Father who loves to surprise his child, you teased me.

While I peered through the window, you snuck in through the door!


I looked up and there you were with my solution!

Answered prayer wrapped up with pretty bows and ribbons!

You not only gave to me, the perfect answer that I needed,

you delivered it with flair and creativity!


Thank you, Father!  Thank you, Daddy!  Thank you, Poppa!

Once again you’ve stepped right in to save your girl.

There is nothing better than knowing I’m your daughter,

and to know that when I ask, my Daddy hears!






Who, but You, gives eternal life to me?

Who, but You, loves me wholly just for me?

Who, but You, heals my soul and sets me free?


No one.  No one, but You.


And who, but You, always intercedes for me?

Who, but You, supplies everything I need?

Who, but You, would die solely just for me?


No one.  No one, but You.


For you are God.  You’re my Provider.  You’re my Healer, Comfort, Shelter.

You’re my Rock and I’m covered by Your hand.

You’re my Savior, my Deliverer.  You are my dearest friend.

For every need I have, You are I AM.


And I’m undone.  I’m undone.

Your mercy overwhelms me.  I’m undone.

I long to wash Your feet, Lord, with the passion of my tears.

Words can’t express my thanks.

But thank You, Lord.






Where can I go

to really find you

your power

your presence

purely yours

wholly true



by ritual


the clock

an agenda  

structured format


no stuffiness

no silliness

not worked up

not played down

to fall at your feet

and not encounter a frown

or a comment from observers

dressed in fine Sunday garb

just doing their duty

with an eye on the clock

to be led by the Spirit

to laugh


or cry

to confess my sin

crucify my flesh

and just simply die?

I miss and I long for the once precious days

when believers came together

you met with us

and stayed

as we worshipped and prayed

in Spirit and Truth

when it was all about you

about you

only you.

So is there a place

a place that has not lost it?

Ah . . .

yes, Lord,

I hear you . . .

in my prayer closet.


It’s my prayer closet.






When I worship You, Lord, my mouth is filled with laughter,

and my tongue with songs of joy for the great I AM!

When I worship You, Lord, You bless my food and water!

You take away sickness and none are barren in my land!


When I worship You, Lord, You give to me a long life!

When I worship You, Lord, all my battles will be won;

Your terror goes before me to confuse the foes I’ll meet.

You make all my enemies turn their backs and run!


From the fruit of my mouth, my stomach has been filled up!

From the harvest of my lips, I have been satisfied!

When all I wanted to do was just to love and worship You,

You poured Your blessings on me and now I’m gratified.


I worship You, Lord my God, because You’re worthy,

not because I expect or want what You can do.

I worship You, Lord, because I’m so in love with You,

yet when I see Your Hand move, I know You love me too.


Then I’m filled with even more desire to worship You;

but not to be outdone, You continue to pour Your blessings forth!

An endless cycle of love – when to worship You is all I want –

You bless me again and then I must worship You all the more!


Created to worship You; You fuel my passion –

even though just who You are is quite enough

to bow my knee and cry out “Holy, Holy, Holy”,

yet You bless me!  Oh, my God, what awesome Love!


–Cheri Henderson, hendersonct@aol.com


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