Writing the Wrong




Come Holy Spirit ~ surround President Obama and convict him  

of his need for Jesus . . . that his heart would be softened, he’d  

surrender his life to Jesus Christ, and he would bring an end to  

abortion. In the name of Jesus! Amen!



With every red envelope a prayer has been said
and now we’re asking the Spirit of God
to speak to the heart of every person ahead
who’ll be handling and passing them on


through the mail to their final destination ~
the office of the President of the United States.
We’ve been obedient to follow God’s direction,
now we’re praying Barack Obama does the same.


Obedience to the mandates of a holy, mighty God
is something that this man must recognize
is necessary for God’s protection to remain upon this land;
if he ignores God, he’ll be accountable for those who die . . .


because God makes the delicate inner parts,
every tiny creation He forms.
Knitting it together in woman’s womb –
a child God intends to be born.


Present in utter seclusion,
He presides as the child quickly grows.
The color of its eyes, each day of its life
are things the Lord already knows.


He said, “Whoever welcomes a child,
welcomes and cares for Me.
Don’t prevent them, let them come –
let the children come to Me.”


But there are those who would laugh in God’s face,    
destroying the child not yet born.
“The choice is all ours”, they loudly proclaim,
and they kill what belongs to the Lord . . .


They kill what belongs to the Lord.



— Cheri Henderson





  1. Posted March 28, 2009 at 9:25 pm | Permalink

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Donna and Dave Jenki
    Posted March 29, 2009 at 8:42 pm | Permalink

    we are born the moment conseption takes place according to the Bible—-The map we had once for our country! Let’s get back to a God centered democracy.

  3. Rhonda Lee
    Posted March 31, 2009 at 1:59 am | Permalink

    Actually, we have been known by God forever. And so are those precious babies who have been aborted. I was born with spina bifida in 1948 and not expected to live. I was 60 in October. I wasn’t supposed to sit, which I did at 6 mos., and wasn’t supposed to walk, but did at 2 1/2 yrs.

    Now babies like me are aborted every day. The number of living human beings with spina bifida is declining, because of abortion. I am in the middle of writing a book to this effect.
    Thank you for caring about the unborn and about to be born!!!

    Rhonda Lee

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